Fairies, Hide!

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

The following is from Ojamajo Doremi ♯, episode 19. On the Taiwan box set release, it’s roughly 01:25:10 into the DVD. In this scene, Aiko and Onpu have failed at their attempts to bring Doremi and Hazuki back together. The two are sulking at Flower Shop Mahodo, and Poppu is with them. Their fairies, Mimi, Roro, and Fafa are also with them, as well as the fairy Lala. A chime alerts them that a customer has entered the shop, so the fairies need to get out of sight.

Mimi, Fafa, Roro, kakurete!
Mimi, Fafa, Roro, hide!

Here, Lala uses kakureru in the imperative te form, which is explained on page 32 of Japanese Verbs at a Glance by Naoko Chino: The -te form can be used by itself to make informal commands among family or close friends.