The Pink Sylphide is written by Christopher Fritz.

Look and Feel

The theme is fairly bare, as I’m not a graphic artist, and less is easier for me to work with. The HTML still requires a lot of cleaning out, and the CSS has a lot of leftovers from when I started with Drupal (before the switch to WordPress) to remove.

Icons used come from the sets Silk, Mini, and Flags, available from Mark James’s FamFamFam web site.

Content and Copyright

Unless stated otherwise, all site content is distributed under a Creative Common license which allows for non-modified re-distribution (with attribution) for non-profit use. This means any articles I write may freely be used by other web sites so long as they are not profiting from it (such as by having ads on the same page as the article) and so long as they link back to The Pink Sylphide along with my name crediting me for my work.

Desktop Software

Content is written in the Kate, KDE Advanced Text Editor.

DVDs are viewed in xine.

Screenshot collages are generated via a script I wrote in Ruby which uses the RMagick interface to the command-line ImageMagick. Because I haven’t looked into compressing the image output, I then use Gimp, the GNU Image Manipulation Program to re-save the images at one third their original filesize. (Maybe I should add a call to Pngcrush at the end of my script?) Uploading images is handled through the Konqueror file manager.

Server Software

The Pink Sylphide is hosted by Linode. Server software used is nginx.

Content is published and managed via WordPress.

Site statistics are tracked by Mint.

Web Standards

Unless a mistake introduces itself somewhere, The Pink Sylphide uses standards complaint XHTML and CSS, and its syndication feed is handled using FeedBurner

Right now the XHTML is served as HTML. My preferred method is to serve as XHTML where supported and HTML where XHTML isn’t supported (as I did with the original Drupal site), but I haven’t gotten around to implementing this with WordPress yet.