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Usagi, Doremi, Yucie + Magical Pendant = Magical Girl

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

A recent post at What is eternity doing tonight? asks about the magical girl genre of anime: Who watches these shows anyway? After a long but well written piece (something I wish I could write), CCY asks:


What do you want to watch tonight?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
Strawberry Marshmallow girls watching Princess Tutu.

What does a little snow fairy have to do with bubble sorting and harvesting turnips? How about a fairytale ballerina, passing objects to functions by reference, and tracing memories? They all represent things which are a part of me, but at the same time are not a part of the people around me. This isn’t a problem for me personally as I’m not a social person, but when in a situation where I’m around others, it makes it difficult to come up with something to talk about.