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Which is More Important? URLs or Searching?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I am currently wondering which is better:

  1. The URL /commentary/a-little-snow-fairy-sugar/5 with no searching ability for the contents.
  2. The URL /talk/2007/09/10/a-little-snow-fairy-sugar-5-episode-commentary (or something along those lines) with full searching ability for the contents.

If I were to go with the latter, I would be dropping Drupal, sticking with WordPress, removing the “talk” from the URL, and putting in a lot of “301 Moved Permanently” redirects into my .htaccess…

The WordPress option also means better category listings, etc. Drupal’s just being too much work to learn how to use, and I seem to be making more and more a mess of things in it…

In the end, I decided to go with ease of use and easier search ability, deciding this outweighed URLs which can easily be changed by hand to access different pages. This leaves me with only…60 more pages to convert over. Also, all the old Drupal URLs redirect as a “301 Moved Permanently” to the new WordPress URLs.

Playing Around a Bit with Drupal

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Today I considered the possibility of switching over from Drupal to WordPress. I originally tried WordPress before Drupal, and preferred the control Drupal gives over URLs. Now that I have this site running on Drupal, and another one on WordPress, I really like the simplicity of WordPress. It also helps that WordPress is easier on the server. Unfortunately, when I tried migrating from Drupal back to WordPress, I found I didn’t have enough control over the URLs.