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Cardcaptor Sakura Australian Release

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Cardcaptor Sakura will be released on DVD in Australia starting in September of 2012.


Sakura’s Name and the FLY Card

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Back in early 2007, Damien Kellis wrote:

Here, also, there’s a rather glaring plot hole that will become clear in episode 4: Kero-chan tells Sakura to try using the new Fly card, before Sakura writes her name on it. But I suppose there’s some No-Prize answer out there; after all, it’s MAGIC.

This is really belated on my part, but I think I filled in the plot hole. I was re-watching episode one of Cardcaptor Sakura today, and had a thought:


Sakura’s Pajama Collection

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

My original post on Sakura’s cardcaptor apparel involved the pink pajamas she wore when capturing her second Clow Card, before Tomoyo stepped in to provide costumes. Throughout the series and movies, Sakura is shown in 13 different pajama outfits, made up of 10 different styles.

Warning: This is a very image heavy post, and this post contains visual spoilers.


Cardcaptor Apparel: Pink with a Hoop Skirt

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

This outfit was originally designed by Tomoyo with the Fly card in mind, as that’s the card Sakura was up against when she wore it in the manga. In the anime, Tomoyo plans to have Sakura wear it for a “forest dance” in the park to film. Instead, Sakura wears it while going after Woody and Rain. This outfit appears in the chapter “A Cardcaptor is Born Part 2″, and in episode four, “Sakura’s Tiring Day”. It also appears in Tomoyo’s daydream in episode 40.


Forget Realism, Let’s Have Some Magic

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Over at Borderline Hikikomori, Crisu writes about attempting a lecture on mahou shoujo. To this, Damien Kellis of Moe Check! responds with a piece on shoujo versus shounen. Considering that I’ve spent over four hours over the past two weekends working on an unfinished, content-light Cardcaptor Sakura post, I’m thoughtful on which magical girl series I’ve seen and enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy), and why.