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Cardcaptor Apparel: Red, White, and Navy Blue Caped Outfit

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

This red and blue ensemble is Tomoyo’s first outfit worn by Sakura. Tomoyo has a lot more where this came from, and each battle will surely give her inspiration for more designs. Sakura wears this costume in the second episode, “Sakura’s Wonderful Friend”. It also appears in Tomoyo’s daydream in episode 40 and in a flashback in episode 59.


Cardcaptor Apparel: Pajamas and Rollerblades

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

While Tomoyo provides costumes for Sakura to wear when capturing Clow Cards (and other magical excursions), Sakura’s first capture takes place before Tomoyo knows about Sakura’s Cardcaptor position. Instead, Sakura sets out at night in her pajamas, wearing her rollerblades and protective gear, making for a strange outfit to wear while capturing a Clow Card.


Apparel Category

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Back when I was incomeless and therefore unable to buy new DVDs very often, I spent a lot of time with Saint Tail. One of the things I noticed was that Meimi wore outfits in later episodes which she had worn in earlier episodes. In many series, a character always wears the same outfit or never wears the same thing twice (save for their school or work uniform). I decided I’d catalogue the outfits worn, but I never got too far with it. I still have the work done towards is, but the process I used was simply too time consuming.


Braided Hair and a Hanbok: Korean Traditional Clothing and Style

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Disclaimer: The information in this post is based on information I found online when reading about a few aspects of Korean culture and history after my first exposure to it in a Korean animated series. It’s possible I’ve included misinformation that I found online. I’ve linked to my sources at the end of this article, but not all of those pages are online anymore. After reading this article, please check the comments as well, as there is more interesting information there. (Disclaimer added 2012-01-13.)

Watching Janggeum’s Dream leaves me wanting to know more about traditional Korean culture. In Janggeum’s Dream, the two things which stand out right away are 1) the outfits worn and 2) the hairstyles.