Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1 Screenshot Comparison

This isn’t a thorough analysis of the differences in the first episodes of the Sailor Moon animated series. I’m sure others will write something like that. This is a lazy approach: showing screenshots of some of the same scenes from the original and new Sailor Moon animations.

Warning: Image heavy post.

Usagi oversleeping.

BSSM 001 SMC 001

Usagi running downstairs and putting her hair up. Or putting her hair up and then falling down the stairs.

BSSM 002a BSSM 002b

SMC 002a SMC 002b

SMC 002c

Ittekimasu! Off to school with lunch in hand.

BSSM 003 SMC 003

Encountering Luna. The original series gave some time with kids tormenting Luna, whereas Crystal instead gives time elsewhere to hint at Usagi’s past life.

BSSM 004 SMC 004

Checking on whether Luna’s all right, after being picked on by little kids. Or stepped on.

BSSM 005 SMC 005

What’s that, kitty? Are you trying to say something? (Not that cats can talk or anything.)

BSSM 006 SMC 006

Off with the bandage.

BSSM 007 SMC 007

Let’s see how you like being stepped on, human.

BSSM 008 SMC 008

That intimidating Luna stare.

BSSM 010 SMC 010

BSSM 011 SMC 011

BSSM 012 SMC 012

School bell tolls.

BSSM 013

SMC 013a SMC 013b

BSSM 014 SMC 014

Juuban junior high school.

BSSM 015 SMC 015

Standing out in the hall. A bit hard to see by the different sized thumbnails, but Usagi’s gotten quite a bit taller in 22 years. (Maybe Crystal’s character designs should have been saved for “Sailor Moon: The College Years”?)

BSSM 016 SMC 016

A rumbly in the tummy.

BSSM 017 SMC 017

Setting down the book bag.

BSSM 018 SMC 018


BSSM 019 SMC 019

Clearly Haruna-sensei expected something like this. Love how Crystal Usagi’s hiding her bento.

BSSM 020 SMC 020

Twenty-two years later, she still can’t score better than 30% on that English test.

BSSM 021 SMC 021

Let’s talk this over outside. Or inside will do.

BSSM 022 SMC 022

She couldn’t help it. She skipped breakfast, after all.

BSSM 023 SMC 023

Twenty-two years of worry.

BSSM 024 SMC 024

Retro Umino has messy hair. Crystal Umino spikes it with hair gel.

BSSM 025 SMC 025

See what happens when you slack off on studying?

BSSM 026 SMC 026a

Wait, Retro Umino’s test looks different from Retro Usagi’s test. Clearly Retro Usagi was given a harder test to convince her she’s not smart. No excuse for Crystal Usagi, as the new animators made certain to give them the same test. At least this Usagi has very neat hand-writing.

Hang in there, Naru-chan!

SMC 026b

Tell us about Sailor V, please, Umino-kun.

BSSM 027 SMC 027

BSSM 028 SMC 028

BSSM 029 SMC 029

Welcome to Osa-P. Brought some more friends this time. Nice use of depth of field here in the new series.

BSSM 030 SMC 030

With all the hairstyles and outfits getting lighter and pasteler, Osaka-kaasan has taken her wardrobe over to the darker side.

BSSM 031 SMC 031

Her expression, too.

BSSM 032 SMC 032

Not going to convince the parents to buy marked-down jewelry with a score like that.

BSSM 033 SMC 033

I’m surprised Crystal shows Usagi from the back while she crumbles the paper. It’s a dynamic scene expressive of Usagi’s character in the original.

BSSM 034 SMC 034

Toss and hit.

BSSM 035 SMC 035

BSSM 036 SMC 036

That’s not 30%, that’s 30 points out of 25 questions. Extra credit! Yeah, I don’t think he’d buy that.

BSSM 037 SMC 037

Taking off my shades? That’s so 1990’s. These days, it’s all about peering over the shades.

BSSM 038 SMC 038

BSSM 039 SMC 039

Brief visit to the arcade. Not as brief as 22 years ago.

BSSM 040 SMC 040

BSSM 041 SMC 041

Naturally Usagi’s time playing the Sailor V arcade game means it’s darker when she gets home this time around.

BSSM 042 SMC 042a

Love how Usagi’s name is the only one not in kanji. うさぎ looks much better than 兎 would. Although one has to wonder how many people passing by might think this family listed their pet rabbit on their name plate.

SMC 042b

I wonder if Minako ever had problems with her mother hearing about tests from Amano-kun.

BSSM 043 SMC 043

BSSM 044 SMC 044

Handing over the test. I’d ask what a “zissai” is supposed to be, but maybe I should learn that kanji first (question/answer number 4).

SMC 045a

BSSM 045 SMC 045b

Time for a little tough love.

BSSM 046 SMC 046

BSSM 047 SMC 047

And sibling rivalry.

BSSM 048 SMC 048

BSSM 049 SMC 049

BSSM 050 SMC 050

In Retro Naru’s time, everyone is still at the store when they start to collapse. For Crystal Naru, everyone’s gone home, allowing her to discover her mother’s secret accidentally.

BSSM 051 SMC 051

BSSM 052 SMC 052

BSSM 053 SMC 053

BSSM 054 SMC 054

Nothing like a good tantrum to wear someone out.

BSSM 055 SMC 055

And to make someone hear voices. From a cat.

BSSM 056 SMC 056

“It spoke! The cat spoke!”

BSSM 057 SMC 057

BSSM 058 SMC 058

Gotta say, I love Retro Usagi’s “Oyasumi!” more.

BSSM 059 SMC 059

BSSM 060 SMC 060

If a plea for help won’t work, then by golly, I’ll bribe this girl with gifts.

BSSM 061 SMC 061

BSSM 062 SMC 062

BSSM 063 SMC 063

Repeat after me: ムーン・プリズム・パワー・メイクアップ!

BSSM 064 SMC 064

I planned to show a comparison of the transformation every step of the way, but nah, I’ll cut it short. I spent too much of my life sitting through Sailor Moon transformations.

BSSM 065 SMC 065

BSSM 066 SMC 066

BSSM 067 SMC 067

Post transformation scene, a call for help arrives in a soon-to-be-forgotten manner.

BSSM 068 SMC 068

BSSM 069 SMC 069

Interesting tidbit. In the original, Naru is being held low while being choked, the Youma is shown, then Naru is shown being held up higher while being choked (same as shown below). For the DiC dub, they replaced the second choke animation with a repeat of the first. And yet a moment after that, the next scene is the Youma holding Naru up in the air, so why hide that she was being lifted in the dub? Okay, I’m just amazed they left the choke scene in the dub at all.

BSSM 070 SMC 070

BSSM 071 SMC 071

BSSM 072 SMC 072

Help arrives just in time. Although Retro Naru might have liked help a few minutes sooner.

BSSM 073 SMC 073

BSSM 074 SMC 074

BSSM 075 SMC 075

In the name of the moon…

BSSM 076 SMC 076

“Sailor Moon? I’ve never heard of you.”

BSSM 077 SMC 077

Retro Youma: “Rise, my minions, from your positions lying on the shop floor!” Crystal Youma: “Rise, my minions, from your homes, and hurry over to the store in 15 seconds tops!” This bugged me about the manga, as well, that everyone reached the store so quickly. Couldn’t Crystal have slipped in a scene where all the ladies who bought jewelry stand outside their houses, gather into a circle, and use “Dark Kingdom Teleport”? (I’m only half-joking.)
BSSM 078 SMC 078

BSSM 079 SMC 079

I actually like the use of background in the old series during this portion of the episode. I don’t remember if they kept it up with future youma encounters.

BSSM 080 SMC 080

BSSM 081 SMC 081

Cute Crystal Luna alert!

BSSM 082 SMC 082

Is it too late to note how Crystal strongly lacks expressiveness in the characters’ actions and reactions? Just look at Usagi’s face when she hit the ground above, and just below.

BSSM 083 SMC 083

BSSM 084 SMC 084

Retro Tuxedo Mask felt the need to make his presence known sooner (had to get that rose tossed). I’ve rearranged the screenshots from the old series to match Crystal, as this post is comparing same/similar imagery.

BSSM 087

BSSM 088a SMC 085

BSSM 08b SMC 086

BSSM 085 SMC 087

BSSM 086 SMC 088

Take your tiara and say, “Moon Tiara Action!” Or “Moon Tiara Boomerang!” if you’re a manga-purist.

BSSM 089 SMC 089

BSSM 090 SMC 090

I find I prefer Retro Usagi’s freebie-toss pose over Crystal Usagi’s.

BSSM 091 SMC 091

BSSM 092 SMC 092

The way Crystal Youma falls over then turns to dust with her turning-into-dust hands and head falling over the counter is at the same time both disturbing and a nice touch. Retro or Crystal, I prefer both over the manga’s.

BSSM 093 SMC 093

BSSM 094 SMC 094

BSSM 095 SMC 095

Tuxedo Mask takes his leave.

BSSM 096 SMC 096a

BSSM 097 SMC 097

Tuxedo Mask: “Ahem.” Oh, I’m sorry, I meant Bishounen Mask. Just don’t try to out-Bishie Zoicite.

SMC 096b

“Oh, but it wasn’t a dream. You were there, and you, and Usagi was dressed as Sailor V!”

BSSM 098 SMC 098

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