Children’s Television

While going through files on my computer, I happened upon my “Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan” commentary I wrote up in February of 2008, yet I never posted. I don’t plan to put it online, but I did see a couple of screenshot collages I can’t pass on uploading.

In one episode, Mao-chan is seen alone watching television:

This is of course one of the show’s Love Hina references. Here is the original scene:

Now, I have to ask, since when is Love Hina appropriate viewing for an eight-year-old?

3 Responses to “Children’s Television”

  1. Author Says:

    He is alive!

  2. Chris Says:

    Maybe alive for one or two posts every one or two years. I’ve gotten used to watching anime without typing anything =P (For example, earlier in the year I decided to watch the first episode of Kanon to see if it’s any good, and ended up watching DVD after DVD until I finished the entire series in one day. I’m kind of pacing myself a little with Clannad, though. First series in three or four days, then re-watching in English over a couple of weeks before jumping into the second series.)

    I also realized a while back that people only care about the latest series airing in Japan. I do write for myself, not for others, but I did start to feel like my writing could go to other uses. Therefore, one post a year, or so!

    Maybe I’ll eventually get around to uploading the backlog of commentaries I never finished posting? Nah, I’m a bit too lazy for that! Although, I am contemplating doing commentary for the second season of Janggeum’s Dream, since I watched it withing subtitles back when I originally did commentary on it, and last year I bought the DVDs with English subtitles when they came out. Getting close to watching them, too. Just gotta’ finish re-watching the first series first.

  3. Author Says:

    I had no idea. Thought dolfies got you.