This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Aria the Natural: Episode 17 Commentary

After That Rainy Night

It’s good to see that palina in front of Aria Company. It brings memories of Akari’s efforts to give Aria Company its own palina. The opening theme caught me off guard, with “Undine” playing. It sounded familiar yet different. It’s nice to have a connection from one episode to another, with the continued bit about the gondola, and the photographs from the prior episode.

As I thought, Alicia started out with the same gondola as Akari now used. It’s nice to see Alica’s start with the gondola, having seen Akari’s, and this story really lead well into another episode around Alicia and the others in their youth. Watching both Alicia’s experiences and Akari’s same experiences with the gondola worked well together. I can picture Akari over-watching Ai with the new gondola, one Akari will have properly broken in as an experienced Undine.

Alicia was still fairly young when she became a Prima. I hadn’t noticed that she uses a white gondola rather than a brown one. It’s also answered what will become of Akari’s new gondola when Akari becomes a Prima, as it will wait for the next new Undine.

The man who places the umbrella over Akari likely is the person who made the gondola, considering how long it’s been with Aria company. It’s good for him to have seen the final moments of his work as a passenger gondola. As for Akari, she’ll still see the gondola from time to time.

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