This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Aria the Natural: Episode 16 Commentary

Parting With That Gondola...

With gondolas in mind this episode, I’m reminded that I read somewhere how the “oar” of a gondola is specific in design for the person who’ll be using it. This makes it unrealistic to have different people using it, as seen in scenes where the young Undines take turns in practice. And yet, if true, it doesn’t detract from enjoying the show one bit.

I never really put any thought into the designs of the gondolas, and comparing them. There are so many little details put into this series, and it’s impossible to catch all of them. Even the opening themes alone give so many things to look at.

Akari’s gondola may have been her parter all this time Akari has worked as an Undine, but she’s only work with it during the end of its life. If anything, Alicia may have many more memories of it. Akari’s new gondola, however, will carry her through much of her career as an Undine.

Seeing Akari’s first moments on a gondola at Aria Company was nice, as well as her beginning as a “back-peddler”. Akatsuki’s first ride as Akari’s customer, and her return as her final customer, really helped pull things together, and gave a nice scene with Akatsuki bidding farewell to the gondola. From these, seeing all the people Akari’s met along the way made for a nice “final episode” for the gondola. The exam course and its water elevator, along with scenes of Hope Hill (a place seen previously with no information given prior), and then Akari becoming a Single, completed the setting, the mood. The gondola was by Akari’s side during many beginnings, many meetings, many events.

My first thought of the man in the gondola was trying to recall what the man in the cat’s cafĂ© looked like. If he’s actually the “spirit” of the gondola, it simply adds to the number of unexplained things that Akari has seen in her time on Aqua. Such events find that girl much like cases find Conan in Detective Conan and paranormal would find Fi in Disney’s So Weird.

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