This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Aria the Natural: Episode 12 Commentary

Chasing That Mirage... / The Light From That Nightshine Chime...

Akari picked the same chime I had my eye on. Definitely a good pick.

I figured first thing that Cait Sith was the one sitting inside the cafĂ© when Akari entered, but isn’t it a bit much with all that she’s seeing? Does Cait Sith want to introduce Akari to the world of cats that much?

I get that there was an effort to show the time Akari spent with the chime before the light started to dim out, but wasn’t it a bit obsessive on her part?

This was another “two short episodes” episode. I found the mirage episode to be so-so (all the Cait Sith visits are starting to lose their magic and mystery with me due to their frequency). The chime episode was above so-so, but not by much (probably due to that obsession thing Akari had going on with the chime).

I did like the ending where everyone let the chimes fall into the water. Both the vanishing lights in the night and the idea of a festivity, a tradition upheld by so many people gives that good feeling that is common to Aria.

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