This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Aria the Natural: Episode 11 Commentary

That Precious Sparkle...

No matter how much work a person puts into something, will a copy always be nothing more than a copy? Can a replica ever compare with the original it’s based on? Can the heart and soul of the maker of a copy capture what the original contained?

Looking at it as a matter of tradition and history, neither the glass from Neo-Venezia or Venice would match that of historic Venice, even if both used the same methods and process. Each individual will have their own take on it, their own personality, and that they will pass on to those who apprentice under them. The apprentice will put their own uniqueness into what they learn.

Likewise, the heart and soul of Neo-Venezia are not that of Venice. The city is its own place, with its own history, even if it is built upon what Venice used to be, in detail, in spirit. The city may be a replica, but it’s also its own place. It embraces what Venice once was, and it carries on a tradition in its own way.

During Festa Del Bòcolo, Akatsuki gave Akari a rose for her help. This was after Alicia mistook the roses as being a gift to Akari from Akatsuki. Now, Akatsuki’s brother suggests that Anton (I figure the name from the credits matches up with the apprentice) likes Akari, making him a rival for Akatsuki. I can see what the writers are doing here, but that this leaves me with a question: Does Akatsuki never talk about Alicia when his brother is around?

I can see Akatsuki making an offhanded remark along the lines of, “You need to transport fragile cargo? Try Sideburns from Aria Company. She’s the slowest Undine I’ve ever known.” It should have been an insult, even though Akatsuki likely meant no ill will by it.

Actually, I think I can see it. With the relationship the brothers have, why would Akatsuki talk about the wonderfulness that he sees in Alicia to his brother, of all people? Complaining about the trouble Akari gives him would be a much livelier conversation piece for Akatsuki, without the opportunity for his brother trying to embarrass him over it.

Looking at the world-building aspect, Venice is no more. It’s sunk. Is this a case of the city simply no longer being able to sustain itself, or did something happen causing the water level to rise? This goes back to my determination that something happened on Earth, something that has left the planet less habitable. Humans have a way of surviving, and they have made Earth—Manhome—a place where they are able to continue to live. At the same time, they used their technology to begin an effort to make Mars a place where they could live without all the mistakes made on Manhome.

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