This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Aria the Natural: Episode 7 Commentary

To the Kingdom of Cats...

Akari asks what one would do if they found an unfamiliar entrance on a street they always walk down. I know my answer. Time allowing, I’d definitely check it out. I’m always amazed when I find something I never noticed on a path very familiar to me.

I like the focus on Akari putting on the summer uniform to help introduce the new season within the series to the viewer. It’s an emphasis that would be easy to not include, and one of the small things that’s nice about Aria.

Thankfully the Pair party wasn’t forgotten. This is another point for Aria. The short conversation about it pretty much summed up how Alice’s personality is able to stay the same while being changed at the same time. She’ll remain who she is, but with an improvement that doesn’t change her personality as far as Alice and Aika are concerned. It also nicely excludes Alice from the trip to see where the cats are going.

Ai suggests that maybe Cait Sith wants to know more about Akari. This would be understandable as this is his second appearance before Akari. Cait Sith could very well have continued to hide the cats from Akari’s view, but chose to let her–and her alone–see them, and Akari guided the two down the path that would take them home. I do wonder if Alicia hasn’t met Cait Sith, and perhaps Granny as well.

I’m left in confusion as to the purpose of the pinwheels. They look computer animated, and didn’t fit into the scene very well for me, but as a story prop, I don’t know their purpose. Was it to warn Akari that she and her friend would be “going in circles” if they continued down their current path?

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