This Just In: Targetted Advertising Still Works

I’m a fan of targetted advertising. Advertising in general I can easily skip over, but targetted advertising done right is great stuff. Right Stuf! has released their Spring 2009 Anime Catalog (available via their web site as a PDF, which is awesome).

Cover artwork to Right Stuf!'s Spring 2009 anime catalog.

For some reason, I enjoy “Alice in Wonderland” themes. I also like items themed by card suits, which probably relates. So, what happens when I get a catalogue in the mail showing a girl in an Alice-style dress, a girl with rabbit ears, and clocks in the background? Considering the art style used matches up with something I’d watch, this is a series that instantly catches my attention. Lift the cover, and there’s the girl in another Alice-style dress, and the boy this time as perhaps the Hatter.

I don’t know if the text about the series catches my attention as much:

Welcome to Alice Academy!

Okay, calm down. You’ve just discovered that you possess an ability like reading minds or spouting water from your ears on command. … [You could] possess what’s called an “Alice” – a special magical talent far beyond the capabilities of regular humans. Congratulations! Your next step is to enroll at Alice Academy, the government-sponsored, premier education facility for all Alice-gifted students. You’d better start packing.

I’ll have to read up a little more on the series to consider if it’s something I’d be interested in. A quick look at Wikipedia’s article on the series tells that it’s based on a still-running comic, and that the animation leaves various things unresolved as a result.

Maybe this will be one to pass on, but it got my attention. Targetted advertising works. Of course, the only target here was “anime”, but if they specifically featured a different series on the cover based on the viewer’s selected genres/etc. of choice, then …oh, Zelda! There’s Zelda in here!

Right, right, targetting something-or-other, whatever. I do know I’ll be getting the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time comics listed in here sometime.

It would be nice if RightStuf! provides targetted advertising by e-mail. Having staff familiar with each series to put decide which audience (mailing list) should receive an e-mail about each series (maybe with an “other series recently released” section at the bottom to mention other series) would be nice. It could include information about an upcoming or recent release, along with a “if you liked this series, then this one is for you” bit.

3 Responses to “This Just In: Targetted Advertising Still Works”

  1. Author Says:

    I received that too. Oddly enough, it was addressed to my wife, despite the fact that I bought from them before. How hard can it be to do sort|uniq on the list of properties?

    While reading the catalog, I was unable to figure out what series were advertised. I don’t know just how you deciphered Gakuen Alice from it.

  2. Chris Says:

    I wish I were as good at detecting sarcasm as I am at using it (considering the number of times “Gakuen Alice” is used in the first few pages!)

    I see “Rozen Maiden Traumend” in here, as well. Maybe I’ll see if I can find the first season. I planned to buy it, but then the series was dropped, and I didn’t want to stop something that wouldn’t be finished.

    I really, really should watch through the series I have on my to-watch shelf, though. Maybe spend more time watching them and less time posting about them.

    I do like the Aria artwork on the back of the catalog. Coincidently, it’s the same artwork I had on my work computer desktop for probably a few weeks until recently.

  3. Yumiko Says:

    Gakuen Alice is good manga/anime pretty much it has one of the biggest fan base ever but it’s not like Alice Theme it as some aspects
    The “White rabbit is hotraou Mikan life long friend who went to the academy
    Mikan is suppose to represent “Alice” following the the rabbit there she meets Natsume who represents the mad hatter (i think) ruka I am not too sure! It very Alice themed you just need to pay attention carefully!