Sword of Uruk — Is it only on CrunchyRoll?

I’ve not been following with the latest anime out there, but I have seen some posts out there about The Tower of Druaga: Sword of Uruk. When I checked Bost, there’s no mention of it. It seems it’s only on Crunchyroll, from what I’m able to Google.

My (personal) moral views related to things like fansubs and downloading anime (as per Crunchyroll prior “reform”) line up fairly closely with Scott’s post on fansubs and morality at The Anime Almanac. If you know his views on these things, you can go far mirroring them onto me. Add in a distance kept between me and Crunchyroll, and that should be enough to understand why I avoid the site.

I can imagine why (a “reformed”) Crunchyroll would be liked by studios such as Gonzo. For one, Crunchyroll has the infrustructure for people to pay for episodes. They probably have a large audience (something Bost probably lacks massively in comparison). They likely have the hardware and bandwidth to serve up content to all these people.

Such a conundrum I put myself in. I really want to see the next installment of The Tower of Druaga, but my own (personal) moral compass steers me clear of Crunchyroll.

Maybe it’s for the better. I have a long to-watch list, and I still have many series I’ve written commentaries on that I never finished posting. I’ll get those up. One day… Some of them will seem a bit out of context when posted so far away from prior commentaries, making me wish I went for a non-date-in-URL scheme for commentaries and such. Ah, well, too late to bother with that unless I want to increase my workload (no scheduled posting for pages; figuring out how to redirect URLs in nginx; setting up redirects for some 300+ pages, etc).

If Sword of Uruk hits Bost, I’ll check it out, even if the resolution and video quality aren’t as good as Crunchyroll delivers. It’s not a series I’d re-watch, or would use for screenshots in various posts outside of an episode commentary post, so that’s not a big deal for me.

In the meantime, maybe it’s time to find one of them blogs where two-paragraph episode commentaries are prefaced with eight paragraph episode summaries.

2 Responses to “Sword of Uruk — Is it only on CrunchyRoll?”

  1. Author Says:

    Holding Scott up to an avatar of morality is just laughable. He’s just doing it to feel important when “industry” people talk to him.

    I feel the same about Crunchy, but because of its shady business dealings, not because of Scott’s pronouncements.

  2. Chris Says:

    I don’t know anything about Scott’s personal moral views and positions, only about the positions he takes in his writings. What he’s written fairly closely matches my own views. I think I’ve written bits and pieces of my own views here and there on The Pink Sylphide, although I should pull them into a single post to be able to easily reference.

    As for Crunchyroll, it’s about how they’ve gone about their business. From what I know about them (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, anyone), they reached popularity streaming anime (I don’t know if it was fansubs only or raws as well). I don’t know if they steams anything licensed outside of Japan, but that wouldn’t make a difference for me. How can a company expect to recoup any of their investment into producing a series by putting it online if another site provides it for free? (There’s ad-support, of course, but that’s beside the point.)

    As I see it, it’s all about the money for Crunchyroll. I’m a very strong capitalist, so it’s not like I’m against anyone making money off of something, but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with any and every way of generating income.

    With Sword of Uruk unfortunately off of my radar at this time, maybe I’ll pick up another series (in my to-watch DVD cabinet) to watch and write about, or I could simply speed through series three of Ojamajo Doremi for a while, and cut back on the bloggin’ a bit!