This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Bottle Fairy: Episode 6 Commentary


Collage of Bottle Fairy screenshots.

It’s interesting for the bottle fairies to have their school day in September. While Japanese students have only a one (two?) week summer vacation, tradition schools in USA have a long summer, with September marking the return to school.

The design for the fairies appeared extremely degraded in quality this episode. It started with very simple, badly proportioned designs for the fairies on the table as Senseisan was leaving for school, then continued with better quality but still large head, small body proportions throughout the episode.

I’d say my favorite scene is when Kururin bursts into tears because the teacher won’t teach. Chiriri looks nice in her cooking teacher outfit, but doesn’t seem to have what it takes for the part. Naturally, Sararin is best suited as the physical education teacher. Hororo seemed to be off on her own most of the episode. Hororin as the health teacher is a bit scary to consider. (Another enjoyable scene is when Hororin sleeps during the test, but is the only one who passes.)

The artwork improved a bit during the box scene. I’m not sure what Kururin was supposed to be with the oversized shirt, though. And artwork degrades back down soon after.

There isn’t much more adorable than seeing tiny fairies eating oversized meals, taking tiny bites. It’s less adorable when they can finish off something 100 times their size, but that doesn’t happen this time around. Nonetheless, Hororin does finish off her whole potato chip while the other three have barely had any.

Chiriri’s love of a hat continues, as even in the classroom, she wears a uniform hat.

During some of the physical education scenes, the fairies wear a white shirt with their name on it, and Japanese bloomers, as seen in the previous episode. From my understanding, this is the most common summer uniform style for girls in Japanese schools.

By now I’m making no attempts to be proportional in the amount of appearances the bottle fairies make relative to one another in the screenshot collages.

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