This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Episode 7 Commentary

The Goddess Freya Awakens!

Collage of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok screenshots.

Even though Heimdall’s plan was obvious, it still made for an enjoyable episode. You have to feel bad for Frey, though, watching him with fliers, looking for his sister. He gets so close, then loses her again without even knowing he had almost found her. I await his reaction when he learns Heimdall was poisoning her with evil through her necklace.

With Reiya being a host body for Freya, that absolves Kotaro from being related to Loki in some way, after all. But why is Freya stuck in a human child’s body when Loki is his childhood form? And can Freya separate from Reiya safely in the future? Furthermore, if Reiya and Loki spend enough time together, will these interactions reach Freya? The previous episode clearly showed Loki’s intentions to protect Freya, in the form of Reiya, even before knowing whether there really was anything to protect her from. On top of that, if Reiya’s parents were killed in a car accident, would Reiya have died had Freya not been incarnated into her?

In Norse mythology, there is a poem where Loki steals the BrĂ­singamen, Freya’s necklace, and Freya asks for Heimdall’s help to get it back. Heimdall finds it was stolen by Loki, who had disguised himself as a seal. Could this be the inspiration for the scene where Loki is gleeful to see sea otters?

Freya may have felt herself to be an unrequited love, but Heimdall said in the last episode a line about “murdered by the one you love” and I think there was something about “revenge”. While I thought he was speaking about the past, he actually was planning out the future. “Murdered by the one you love” means Heimdall must know that Loki has feelings for Freya.

Near the end, dub messed up on having Mayura say, “Don’t be so rude.” How could they not have her say, “I was left lonely” as the Japanese goes, so he could match this up with Freya having said the same?

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