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Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Episode 6 Commentary

The Targeted Girl

Collage of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok screenshots.

Now here’s an episode which kept my interest the whole way through. I expected Heimdall would use the necklace to channel Freya into Reiya in some way, only to find the adorable little Reiya is Freya. I’m not sure how Loki recognized her, but I’m sure her being a goddess made it easy enough. Yamino felt fear when Narugami looked upon the wooden sword, only to have Yamino learn Narugami is actually Thor.

Narugami is helping out Loki quite a bit, but he has a reason: free food for a month. How can he turn against Loki now? Heimdall’d better be careful around Thor for a while, at least for the remainder of the month. And what about Frey? He said Freya would be insecure, so he must know she’s a child without her memories, right? But he had prior questioned why Loki remained as a child in battle. How will Frey feel to lead Heimdall has “revived” Freya, but at the same time is using her as a tool against Loki?

I expected this episode to revolve around Reiya being controlled by the necklace, but instead the necklace will bring back the true Freya in the next episode. I didn’t expect the hotel was a godly house itself, so that was a plesent suprise. Each episode has been different in the type of opponent Loki finds himself up against, a nice change of past from magical boy/girl series where every episode it’s the same type of opponent, defeated in the same manner as before.

Because Reiya is shown in the opening theme portion, I imagine Freya’s return will be brief. I foresee her returning to Reiya, and becoming a main character, but will she be Reiya with Freya’s memories, or Reiya with Reiya’s memories? And how does Reiya’s personality compare with Freya’s at that age (or as close as you can approximate when gods are compared with humans)? When Reiya said Loki was her prince, and rested her head on his shoulder, did Loki feel as if Freya was with him again, or was her personality different? Or did Loki not even know Reiya when the two were children (or as close to being children as gods are, compared with humans)?

I’d question how it was Yamino could leave the hotel, but when he returned with Narugami, Loki said to not enter or Yamino wouldn’t be able to leave. Or could wonder if Loki knew Thor was out there, knowing Thor couldn’t leave, but Loki sensed something when Mayura pulled him onto the hotel grounds, and Narugami was already past that point. I could question it, but I’d prefer to know: just who is the butler? Was there really a mansion which had burned down, or was that part of, perhaps, Heimdall controlling him? Will he appear again to watch over Reiya, or is his time in the series over?

Could Heimdal’s “murdered by the one you love” mean Loki skilled Freya? And she reincarnated in a child form until she could return to her true form?

Essentially, Reiya “doesn’t exist” and may return to being Freya next episode due to Loki’s power captured within the necklace. Reiya and Freya are basically two different people for the same person. Frey told Loki to return to his normal self, but Loki obviously is unable to. With the resemblance between Loki and Kotaro, could Kotaro be the same as Reiya? Someone with no past, even though he has parents? Could he be a manifestation of Loki’s true form? Sure, Loki and Kotaro don’t look that much alike, let alone sound alike, but neither do Reiya and Freya (going by Freya’s appearance in the next episode preview and the opening theme). And by the way, what happens to “Reiya” once Freya returns?

A series which gives me so many things to speculate upon is a good series.

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