This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Janggeum’s Dream: Episode 47 Commentary

Silver Sea's Whirlpool

Collage of Janggeum's Dream screenshots.

The three who had left the group in the building and set it on fire look impressed to see they made it out alive. I’m not certain who their target is. If it’s any of the girls it would be Janggeum, or there’s Lady Han, but it probably isn’t one of the soldiers. Whichever they’re after, they add another three to the quickly growing cast of villians, alongside the possibly-defeated white-haired man, and the old woman. There’s also the masked man. His hair could be the same as Hwan’s, but anywhere where one can compare (such as the lower back, or upper front) is covered.

The village visited this episode is full of suspicious characters. If they’re not all working with the enemy, then perhaps the enemy has a hold over the town. The black-haired girl was the only one who looked to be help, but even she turned out to be the old woman. It’s uncertain to me if the main in the straight, rounded see-through black hat knew the girl’s true identity and was playing along with making her look to be in a bad spot for speaking up to Janggeum.

I gather the house the group visits is the inventor boy’s, as they’re taking things from it.

Between the sunrise, the rock formation, and the entrance building to the mountain, therefore a lot of memories building up for Janggeum. She has a strange reaction to remembering things, though. If she has memories of this place, then does this mean she was actually born here? Or that her mother is from this village? Or that her mother is from a nearby village, and the two visited here at one time?

When sleeping, Lady Han’s braided ponytail is down, which matches with in series one when Lady Choe’s hair was the same while looking for her cat late at night. After seeing her hair up all the time, having it down makes her head look smaller. Also, with the way Chang-I’s sleeping, I can understand completely if Yeong-ro decides to be grumpy with her for a while.

The contraption Janggeum comes up with for squeezing noodles looks like an attempt to be the world’s first s’more cracker. Maybe some things are better left to the boy scouts around their campfires, though. The inventor boy’s try looks for make for much better noodles. It sure was enough to impress the cooks, although they appear to have higher ups to answer to when getting to be too close to Janggeum’s group. That old man’s stare holds a lot of power.

With the old woman leading Janggeum away, I can only assume Janggeum is her target. This surely can’t link back to Lady Choe wanting Janggeum out of the way so Geum-yeong can benefit, can it?

From the looks of the next episode preview, Hwan might actually be a good guy investigating the enemy. This would explain his suspicious behavior, and would allow him to keep secretive about his actions.

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