This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Janggeum’s Dream: Episode 45 Commentary

Secret of the Temple

Collage of Janggeum's Dream screenshots.

I’ve been under the impression Janggeum’s mother passed on. I don’t recall what the subtitles in the first series said about her mother, but I gather the joining rings Janggeum has belonged to her and her mother. I originally thought they belonged to Janggeum’s parents, but Janggeum’s father has never been mentioned. Not once.

Janggeum’s dream can either be symbolic of not having her mother around or it can show that her mother is still alive somewhere, as she didn’t die, but rather she left home. Maybe raising a child as a single parent was too much, so she left Janggeum with Dong-I’s family. If this is the case, did she ever have any intention of returning? Would she even want to see her daughter again? The transition from black and white to color after Janggeum wakes makes for a good effect.

I’m not sure what the kids hoped to achieve inspecting walls. It’s not as if they could have any suspicion as to what happened, at least not until Mongmong signals about the doorway.

Even though I can accept Taoist illusions, somehow the paper stopping Suro in place seemed a bit of a stretch. Thankfully it was explained by the pin on the paper. I’m going to pretend the pin has a paralyzing poison on it which is only potent while the poisoned tip is in a person, and loses all effect once the pin is removed.

Knowing more about these papers now, how will this affect Yeong-ro and Yeonsaeng’s views of the charm papers they received? I’m waiting to see if Yeonsaeng’s will have a greater significance, as the ninja duo gave it to her more than likely without understanding, or even knowing, any significance it may have.

The two ninjas seem to have turned over something of a new leaf. The shadowy figure can’t be one of them, and Hwan doesn’t look to have the right chin to qualify either. The figure’s chin sticks out more, even though his voice does sound a little like Hwan’s now and then. It’s hard to be certain about the voice, however, as Hwan hardly ever speaks.

During the entire stay tied to the stake, Suro shows no sign of worry. He had to have seen Jeong-ho, and recognized him through his disguise. If I understood anything said at the palace the last ten or so episode, I might have anticipated Jeong-ho’s arrival. I don’t know the significance of the cult, but Pansul and the shadowy figure are the villians to keep an eye on.

One more time, Jeong-ho saves Janggeum. Too bad I don’t know what comment Suro made to get that reaction out of Janggeum. Took her by suprise and left her with quite a blush. Could Suro be supportive of Jeong-ho and Janggeum, or is he still hopefully for himself?

I don’t know what the scrolls marked “(something) yang” mean, but I imagine they have some manner of significance. I also wonder why Hwan is leaving, and where he’s going. Have I yet mentioned my hope for a DVD release with English subtitles?

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