This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Episode 3 Commentary

The Assassin Descends

Collage of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok screenshots.

Mayura’s swirly-eyed glasses have returned. Good to see that’ll be recurring, and wasn’t a one-time gag.

When the grim reaper appears over Loki, Yamino gives a look of, “I can’t believe Loki’s actually bothering to do this.” I take it to mean this was an illusion Loki conjured up, which Mayura couldn’t see, but what about the familiar? That could also be seen by Mr. Daidoji, yet he himself noted his daughter’s inability to see it. Loki comments on Daidoji being able to see these things, but it can’t be that he really has such an ability. After all, he’s a skeptic, thus cannot really see “ghosts” and such. Right? Can it be anyone who saw the familiar being conjured up can see it, but no one else? Heimdall did see it later in the episode, right?

Oh, and magical boy Loki finally has his familiar, his little animal-like helper. Adding this to his staff that he magical calls out from nothing in a stock footage sequence, and he’s good to go.

In Cardcaptor Sakura, there are no coincidences, even though Sakura’s older brother’s part-time jobs seem to always put him coincidentally where he needs to be to watch over and protect Sakura. It looks like part-timer Narugami will be in a similar position, although his presence at the zoo is linked to his being alongside Heimdall.

Narugami, the thunder god Thor, is tasked with killing Loki, but here’s no knowing how he arrived at the human world, only that he wants to return home. Heimdall, on the other hand, has taken Odin’s task as a chance for revenge. There was a line which he spoke somewhere which makes it sound like he might also have been trapped in a child’s body. If the mythical Loki and Heimdall killed one another during Ragnarök, as Norse mythology goes, then will Heimdall be a repeat villain in this series? Or will other gods show up, by Odin’s request?

If Heimdall was made into a child and banished to the human world in the past, this would explain why Odin requested he kill Loki, and would also suggest Heimdall to be the main enemy for at least a good first half of the series, rather than introducing many other gods. And yet, I wonder is Heimdall would still kill Loki if Loki returned the missing right eye.

Loki tells Heimdall that he “recalls a certain Scandinavian god,” referring to Heimdall. Did Loki have any memories become foggy upon becoming a banished child, or did he really forgot about Heimdall, after taking his eye from him? Heimdall seemed to remember about Loki not liking being in water (which puts an extra spin on the “hot spring” Yamino finds in the first episode).

The hawk leading to Loki piecing things together was much nicer than the old woman appearing in the first episode. Also, having Heimdall fill Ms. Tsubasa with evil energy made for a good opponent, as it was different from the first two episodes. Hopefully the following episodes keep it up with the different kinds of opponent.

Does Loki remember the events leading up to Heimdall losing his right eye? Could Loki have been banished justly, and simply doesn’t remember it?

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