This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 23 Commentary

Tiny Miracle in Muhlenburg

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

It’s difficult to say much about an episode which focuses on a runaway piano. Mulenburg has a good set up hills, with enough ups and downs. Some of the piano’s ride seemed a little farfetched, such as working its way up the drawbridge, but I can excuse that for the sake of the episode.

Did Salt and Pepper return to help out with Saga’s piano? Could they have known something was wrong and made it to the human world in time? Or is there another reason for their return?

Saga finally is able to see all the friends around her, and their worries for her when she’s not herself. She’s even up to challenging Greta in return. (I didn’t even anticipate the sign’s pole breaking, so that was a good moment. The look on everyones faces was priceless, and adorable for the Season Fairies.) I must admit, I was surprised to see her refuse the piano. She must have realized the piano may have belonged to her mother, but the important things are her mother’s music, and her friends.

I take it the ice was the new magic Basil and Cinnamon came up with. It’s good to see the two had a part in trying to save the piano, even if it only made things worse. Technically, they messed up the situation when it was almost under control… Before they use this magic, they’re talking with Sugar as the piano’s speeding along. I realize flying itself requires minimal thought, and without at least a minimal amount of concentration on it one can’t fly (as seen with Sugar hanging from the edge of the roof back when Basil and Cinnamon are first introduced). Can they also fly sideways so fast as too keep up with a runaway piano?

As one could have guessed, Greta’s father goes out of his way to spoil her. (Then again, maybe he’s just trying to get a proper birthday gift.) That certainly won’t change, but maybe Greta will at least be able to play something for him on the piano now. Also, with the piano staying at Greta’s house, this gives reason for Saga to visit often, allowing the two to become closer friends outside of school.

Even Ms. Hanna joked (or not joked?) about Saga and Phil being on a date. Well, perhaps not. Phil’s just a crazy inventor who doesn’t mind eating a waffle someone’s already working their way through. By the way, how does Henry get into the credits, but not Ms. Hanna?

This episode potentially created closure for Saga, and her friends are doing fine. Was there another reason for Salt and Pepper to return? If Sugar’s going to become a full-fledged Snow Fairy, she has only one episode left. Although Saga may be closer to her friends now, what happens when Sugar has to, by her world’s law, return home once the Magic Flower blossoms?

As an aside, I took a quick liking to the design for the houses on the hill. It’s interesting how the hill can be so steep, and the houses are built with level footing. I would like to know what they look like inside. While the floor on one side can be raised, the other side still has a hill rising up, unless there was a plot dug out of the uphill to make room for half of the house to fill, while the other half is raised over the downhill.

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  1. KELVIN Says:

    i think SUGAR has 24 episode. so pls i want to finish that T^T … A Little Snow Fairy SUGAR is my FAVORITE anime ^^

  2. becky Says:

    I think A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is so c u t e …. It’s also one of my favorite anime… I love the song that Saga played on the piano.. OMG I’m so jealous I wanna be like her to be so pro. on it…. But I mostly like romantic animes the most.:> o__o