This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 22 Commentary

I'm Sorry, Sugar

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

If I were to pick one word to represent this entire episode, it would be “lonely”.

Sugar’s loneliness comes in as Saga is always at school or work, and Salt and Pepper have returned home to the fairy world. Greta’s loneliness has been recurring, as she challenges Saga repeatedly to keep from being alone. Even Turmeric has found himself wanting companionship now that Salt and Pepper are gone, which works out nicely for Ginger. Not so much for Elder, though, but he was destined for loneliness.

I say, thumbs up for Greta. Saga is more than a rival to Greta, she’s a friend. Up until the birthday party, Saga was really starting to open up. She was the most excited (perhaps the only one excited) to hear about Greta’s birthday. It’s only natural for Greta to feel at fault for the deterioration Saga’s mood and well being have gone through, even though she did nothing wrong. She’ll put on an act about why she wants to return the piano, and she’ll be clearing her own conscious in the process, but most of all I’m sure she sees it as an act of kindness and rightness she can do for another person, and for a close friend at that. So, thumbs up, Greta, firstly for your “if I lose, I’ll have to hand over the piano,” and secondly for your “return the piano while my parents are out” operation.

Mr. Lucino admires Saga’s newfound selfishness, as it’s not a completely negative trait. Back in the first episode, Saga bought apples, and scolded the apple seller for offering her an extra apple for free. Now, she’s given an extra waffle, and she happily accepts it. Rather than scold the seller for giving something for nothing, she can feel good that the seller is fond of her as a repeat customer so much as to thank her for her patronage with an extra apple, an extra waffle, or whatever else. On top of that, if a seller recognizes you, knows you, and thanks you, why would you want to shop somewhere else? It’s good business sense to thank your visitors from time to time, especially if they buy from you often. It’s because of them that you stay in business.

I like Lucino’s easygoing nature.

For a while, I thought maybe Saga’s mother may have been able to see Sugar’s mother. Probably not. If she had been able to see Season Fairies, then Grandma Regina would have had the perfect opportunity to say, “You know, once when your mother was your age, she asked me that very same question.” I still am unsure of what Elder was surprised about upon learning Saga can see Season Fairies. I can only wait and see if it’s revealed, or if it’s something subtle and easy to miss.

Speaking of Elder, he remarks on Saga being Sugar’s Twinkle. Would this mean the baby was Pepper’s Twinkle, and Salt’s decision was Salt’s Twinkle? It’s easy to see where no one can specifically say what a “Twinkle” is.

Suprising to me, Ginger had a very good line, with strong emotion, as she says about how Saga had seemed like one who would appreciate Sugar. I gather Ginger is referring to how both Saga and Sugar are aspiring to be as great as their mothers.

If Phil and Greta keep at odds long enough, maybe he’ll become a second rival for her. I don’t know if she would necessarily like that, but it would be an increase in the number of friends she has close to her.

Six kids trying to move a piano through town, unfortunately this does not sound like it will go smoothly. Things simply have to work out in the end, or else it will strain Saga’s relationship with Greta, Phil, Anne, Norma, Jan, and Alan.

Oh, how could I forget to comment on Greta’s bathtub? It’s certainly an amazing piece of work. The rose petals make for a nice touch.

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