This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 21 Commentary

The Lonely Two

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

I imagine Saga worked previously to support herself and not burdon her grandmother financially. To add working to save up for the cost of a piano on top of that is a lot to take on. Not only is it impacting her life and her friends, but even Greta can’t work in a challenge anymore.

When Greta said she wouldn’t be able to “control” how she feels, I wonder what she’s planning. She must be referring to how she feels over the piano. Could she be planning to wager the piano in a competition against Saga, then lose? Or is she really as strange as Anne and Norma think, requiring challenges and competition to control how she feels in life? Nah, it has to refer to her feelings over getting Saga’s mother’s piano as a birthday present. Anne may have explained what the piano means to Saga, and how Saga would stop by every day to play it.

I’ve decided the baby Pepper is staying with is one of those humans able to see Season Fairies, rather than deciding all babies can. Or maybe all babies can see them, but they lose the ability unless they’ve been befriended by a fairy? The final Twinkle for Pepper was a baby’s first word.

For Salt, his final Twinkle seems to be his decision to take control in his life, to do what he wants to do rather than what he believes others expect of him. I can’t imagine what the Twinkles were prior to the training trip, as he was ahead of Sugar at that time. While he’s decided to become a Cloud Fairy, rather than have to start over from the beginning, Salt already has a blossomed Magical Flower. I foresee his learning starting over at the basics, only for clouds this time, but everything he learned while training in the human world remains with him.

Back in episode 16, the Wind Fairy wore the same colors as Pepper, and also had black hair. The lightning fairy had the same color outfit and a close hair color to Basil. Likewise the Sun Fairy and Salt, and the Snow Fairy and Sugar. This means as a Cloud Fairy, Salt would be looking at a new outfit, but there’s something else I wonder about. Is it just a coincidence that these hair colors match? Ginger’s hair is pink, the same as Sugar’s. Does this mean she was in line to become a Snow Fairy, but chose Rain Fairy instead? If this were the case, then why? Although, if it were the case, she might be more understanding of Salt wanting to cross over from Sun Fairy to Cloud Fairy, so maybe she always wanted to be a Rain Fairy.

The fairies were only in the human world for training and finding Twinkles. Salt and Pepper are on their way back home, but will they return to Mulenberg, or will future time in the human world be spent in other cities? How much time does a Season Fairy spend in the human world? Is it a full-time job, sans potential vacations to visit back home, if they can find someone to cover for them (or if they’re off season, or unneeded such as a Sun Fairy during a typhoon)?

From now on, when I see Elder, I’ll be reminded of My Neighbor Totoro. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the reference. If you haven’t, then check it out sometime!

Surprisingly, Pepper hasn’t realized yet that there are things humans do which she and her friends simply don’t understand, and shouldn’t interfere with. I can see Sugar excited to help out by putting coffee beans in a jar, but Pepper, too? Then again, it’s not like the two know one coffee bean from another, so what’s more innocent than placing beans in a jar? And Saga, all she had to do was give Sugar a job Sugar could handle, and everything could have worked out fine.

Near the end, when Sugar falls over, I would have delayed the thud until a couple of seconds after the screen went black. This would have given the sense of a fall off the dresser before hitting the floor.

Not only does the Magic Flower of a Season Fairy grow with a fairy, but wilts as well. Is the flower dying because of Sugar’s bad health? Or is the weakened state of the flower impacting Sugar, causing her dizzy spells? Do Saga’s actions and reactions relate to the Magic Flower as well, or only the impact they have on Sugar? Saga told Sugar she didn’t want to lose anything else. Now her quest to by back her mother’s piano may lead to losing Sugar, giving Saga a choice between her past and her present. Greta, of course, holds the key to being able to choose both.

My only complaint here is the added thought dialogue for Paul in the dub. Did the dubbers decide to make it more obvious that Saga isn’t acting like her normal self?

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