Sakura’s Magical Footwear

Lately I’ve been going through episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura episodes, preparing write-ups on Sakura’s Cardcaptor outfits. I’ve become more observant of what characters are wearing when, and am taking notice of when outfits are reworn in later episodes (something I hadn’t noticed with this series, but had back when I first watched Saint Tail).

I’m also noticing where mistakes are made. Actually, I’ve only found one mistake so far. It’s an expected mistake, reusing a pre-animated scene, but it’s disappointing to see considering the number of times the exact same sequence was reanimated to compensate for Sakura’s different outfits. This instance takes place in episode nine.

Collage of images showing Sakura, Tomoyo, and Rika enjoying a snack, until The Sword appears.

The late afternoon begins innocent enough. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Rika are enjoying an after-school treat. Because they are indoors, they have taken off their shoes, and are wearing slippers. The girls proceed to try on the pins they bought earlier. Rika’s sword-design pin becomes a true sword, revealing itself to be a Clow Card.

Collage of images showing Sakura wearing her socks and slippers, and the slippers falling off.

The Sword takes control of Rika. The hypnotized Rika chases Sakura out into the street. When Sakura dives and rolls to dodge an attack, her slippers slip off of her feet, leaving only her socks.

Collage of images showing Sakura wearing her school shoes while unlocking her key.

Running out of options, Sakura unlocks the power of her key. Enter file footage. For a series with so many different copies of this scene, as Sakura is often seen wearing a different outfit each time, it’s amazing the staff would use the footage on file of Sakura in her school uniform for this scene—complete with her school shoes on! Were I Damien Kellis, I’d probably suggest the shoes are required to unlock the powers of the key, and because of this they appeared as an act of MAGIC.

Collage of images showing Sakura sans shoes after using Fly.

After unlocking the key, Sakura uses the Fly card, and she’s back to socks-only.

Collage of images showing Sakura with only socks when using the Illusion card.

In a following scene, Sakura releases the Illusion. Unlike with the Fly card this episode, the entire release sequence is used for the Illusion. This time, the sequence shoes Sakura sans shoes.

Image showing the white bottom of Sakura's sock after she ran across sidewalks and streets.

However, the true flub here is the bottom of Sakura’s socks after the confrontation is over. She’s been running around on the sidewalk and on the street, and her socks are perfectly clean on the bottom. Is this another case of that MAGIC Kellis used to always write about when writing about Cardcaptor Sakura episodes?

4 Responses to “Sakura’s Magical Footwear”

  1. digitalboy Says:

    I can’t imagine Japanese streets are that dirty. I walk around in socks a lot and don’t get em dirty too easily. BTW, hi. I’m officially going to use this blog as my guide for getting into shoujo.

  2. Chris Says:

    Maybe it’s just a California thing. If I walk outside in socks, I can expect to be cleaning off dirt from the sidewalk, or black from the street.

    I wonder if I can’t find some way to add genre to my series list page. While most of what I watch and write about is shoujo, there are definitely a few which aren’t.

    Good luck on checking out any shoujo. If you want to pick something without too much “fluff”, and with a very strong storyline and compelling characters, Princess Tutu is the place to start (believe it or not, with a title like that ;)

  3. OtoChan Says:

    With all that in mind, Would you really want to see dirt on her socks in an anime? :P

    But i can see where your getting at, but Japan streets are hella clean. Girls sit on the floors at the subway and do their makeup and it’s perfectly clean. I envy them :(

  4. anonymous Says:

    sakura is seen in different outfits because they are made by tomoyo while capturing a card.But the sword card suddenly appeared so she cant change and she didn’t use the fly card it was jump card ! but that shoe thing is right..