This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 20 Commentary

The Vanished Promise

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

Greta’s been to so many schools due to so many moves, so hopefully she won’t move again. Upon seeing Greta’s parents, I can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together, and determine that it was Greta’s father at the music store.

Saga has her reasons for not being satisfied with going to Greta’s house whenever she wants to play the piano. However, did Saga consider the possibility of Greta moving again, taking the piano with her? Or does Saga simply feel unable to settle with such an arrangment for playing?

For Greta’s birthday party, I was hoping to see at least Saga’s and Phil’s groups dressed in something nice outside of their common outfits. Oh well. Budget, budget.

It appears the miniture piano in Saga’s room was the final gift from Saga’s mother. With the Magic Flower there, it has even more meaning. This brings me back to my prior thoughts: after she becomes a full-fledged Season Fairy, does Sugar continue to live with Saga? And how long does the Magic Flower live for?

I’d like to know how the manager will act the next time he sees Saga. This has to be what he wanted to avoid the whole time. Paul looked more down than his usual look. I’m a bit lost, though, as Paul told Vincent the piano was being kept at the shop as a favor to Saga. He didn’t say anything about it being for sale. Why would it be for sale? Maybe Saga’s mother hadn’t made all the payments on it, and the music store was the original owner. I can’t imagine Regina selling it to the shop for money to help raise Saga by, or we’d see some kind of hostility from Saga over that, I would imagine, especially now that the piano’s been sold.

Greta will certainly have a lot to think about. This has to be the most difficult birthday she’s had to face yet. It’s her best as she has so many friends to celebrate it with, and she finally has a piano of her own, then she’s faced with that great birthday present being Saga’s mother’s piano. The expected outcome would be for Greta to fret over it for a while, then offer the piano to Saga as a gift. It’ll be interesting to see how things actually go.

This time around, there was a mix of scenes of the loss of Saga’s mother, and the time young Saga ran away. The reason for her running away still isn’t completely clear. I’m waiting to see if Saga will recall seeing a Season Fairy at that time, or perhaps recall the snow being a warm, safe snow.

While Pepper is ready to become a full-fledged Wind Fairy soon, Salt has his doubts. Is it not too late for him to switch from Sun Fairy to Wind Fairy? I don’t recall anything in the series telling why he’s becoming a Sun Fairy, although Salt’s character profile on one of the DVDs, as well as on the series’ web site, states it’s his father’s will for Salt to be a Sun Fairy.

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