Cardcaptor Apparel: Red, White, and Navy Blue Caped Outfit

Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

This red and blue ensemble is Tomoyo’s first outfit worn by Sakura. Tomoyo has a lot more where this came from, and each battle will surely give her inspiration for more designs. Sakura wears this costume in the second episode, “Sakura’s Wonderful Friend”. It also appears in Tomoyo’s daydream in episode 40 and in a flashback in episode 59.

Main Outfit

Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

The main outfit consists of a navy blue base, and white with gold trim. The shirt portion has long sleeves, but the lower portion lacks leggings. This is compensated for by socks which reach over the knees. Perhaps to keep the lower half of outfit from being too embarassing to wear, the white overshirt extends lower along the sides, down the back in the style of tuxedo tails. White gloves cover Sakura’s hands.

Bow and Cape

Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

Contrasting positively with the main outfit is a red cape. The bottom of the cape looks designed to flow easily in the wind, and may have been designed with flying in mind.

Matching the cape is a large, red bow, which may double as a buckle for the cape.


Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

Topping off Sakura’s outerwear is a red cap. To keep with the main outfit, the cap’s trim is a navy blue ribbon which hangs from the back as two tail ribbons, each ending in a golden buckle.


Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

Finally, Sakura’s shoes are red and white (while navy blue goes to her socks). The opening of the shoes extend over the angles, a syle which works with the entent of the cape, and the large size of the hat.

Kero’s Bow

Collage of Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots.

No sidekick should be without costume. While some sidekicks choose to completely contradict the style of their hero (Robin to Batman, anyone?), Tomoyo has chosen to go the route of coordinating Kero with a red bow like Sakura’s costume bears.

To further match Kero’s outfit with Sakura’s, Kero’s bow has a clip on the front the same style as the end pieces of the tail ribbons from Sakura’s hat. Now that’s attention to detail!


As Batman and Superman know, a cape is essential, whether or not one plans on flight while being a superhero. Wonderwoman on the other hand might argue this point. Really, it depends on the style of the outfit, and I think this outfit could survive without the cape and bow. Without their red, however, the red hat would be out of place, and the shoes would have to change colors. I imagine a white cap, and navy blue on the shoes would suffice. Oh, if only I were an artist and could whip up and CG some fanart!

For an outfit combining blue and red, the colors work at least as well as Mario from Super Mario Brothers. It’s easy to go wrong with this combination, and Tomoyo’s keeping the colors separate worked out to the costume’s advantage. Partnering white with the navy blue helped keep the main outfit separate from the outer outfit, while the navy blue ribbon on the red hat reminds that the outfit is a whole.

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