This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Janggeum’s Dream: Episode 38 Commentary

KÅ­mgangsan Tiger

Collage of Janggeum's Dream screenshots.

Things may be starting to pick up with the story now. Would be nice to know why the characters are heading out, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out once they reach their destination.

Lady Han is no longer confined to the library, and Janggeum has been demoted. They, Janggeum’s friends, and Yeong-ro are all out of the way not, although I won’t know the reason for Yeong-ro being set aside until after she spends that money from Lady Choe.

I gather Yeong-ro is talking about the upcoming trip in class, and how horrible it would be to go, when Lady Choe and Lady Eun arrive. The reason for Lady Han going, the reason for the automatic selection of Janggeum, Chang-I, and Yeonsaeng, I figure was discussed by Lady Choe, Lady Eun, and Court Granny in their conversation prior.

After Yeong-ro “wins” the paper draw, the other students clap for her. The “arms up in the air” clapping has to be some of the weirdest clapping I’ve ever seen. Is this a way to clap and still have plenty of elbow room while one sits so close to the floor?

The whole “pinky in the ear” seems to be a common gesture used to show a character unconcerned with whatever concerns the person or people around him. Granny Pot did the same thing (in her younger form), and I think Floppy-ears did as well. I’m certain Suro may have done this back in the bean paste contest episode from series one.

When Yeong-ro picked the O card, I had a feeling it was too much of a coincidence. Lady Choe had better be careful with her devious trickery. She can easily get caught if she slips up just a little.

Seeing Hwan briefly makes it feel as if he’s been out of sight for a long time. What can he be up to? Will he follow the group, and if so, then why? Is he following after Lady Han or Janggeum?

Yeong-ro fends for herself nicely on the trip. She doesn’t have Geum-yeong as support, nor Eunbee to back her up. She’s surrounded by Yeon-saeng on one side and Chang-I on the other, so she’ll have to be careful not to cross the line too far. With her obsession over Suro a thing of the past, she can easily be around him, but I wonder if she won’t try to charm him simply as a matter of protection for herself against any possible dangers.

With Lady Han and (the demoted) Janggeum both out of the way for a while, Geum-yeong has a chance to really stand out as a chef. She doesn’t even need to compete and actually be good now. With her position, she need only keep up her normal pace, and she’s a sinch to be serving many royal meals. Why strive to improve when the competition can be sent away? Hopefully Jangggeum and company will return with a few food-related lessons, as Janggeum and Yeonsaeng did from their journey after being banned from the palace back in series one.

The look Yeong-ro gives when Suro and Janggeum leave the cave, is this because of the two heading out together, or because Suro just yelled at her a moment before? Ah, the limitations of not knowing what’s being said…

If Suro is better than Jeong-ho with a sword, then what does this say for the gal with the sword he fights with? I do think it looked like Suro was going easy on her, though.

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