This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 19 Commentary

One Memory for Two

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

With the man in the music store, then all the good events happening for Saga, it was very foreboding of what would happen at the end. It left me uneasy during the whole episode, especially near the end leading up to the piano being gone.

Saga definitely does seem like a new person. While some of her actions were directly because of Sugar being with her, such as helping Phil, I wonder if she wouldn’t have done the same if Sugar was elsewhere for the day. Add to that accepting the coffee offer on a whim, rather than keeping to a strict cleaning schedule, and Saga’s like a whole new person. Hopefully she hasn’t lost her ability to plan out a day and stick to it if needed. Now, what was Elder pondering on while watching Sugar and Saga? Does Sugar remain living with Saga after begining a full-fledged Season Fairy?

Something seemed different for Pepper as well. She was unsure of her ability to make a good enough breeze for the people, and in turn she received a very positive reaction. Maybe she’s only now realizing the true joy of being a Season Fairy in control of the wind. Salt on the other hand has a lesson waiting to be learned. Turmeric struggles between creating the perfect clouds, and letting the clouds be free. They seem to be in direct contradiction. Turmeric’s struggles may lead to Salt better appreciating being a Sun Fairy. And Ginger, I forsee a little deep thinking on her part. With this series, though, things tend to take their own path, no matter how expected or unexpected.

With the new Saga, Greta may either be losing a rival or gaining a better rival. It could go either way. The birthday party should make for a nice episode. I hope the loss of the piano and the birthday party event work well together, as they’ll probably both have prominant placement in the next episode.

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