This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 17 Commentary

While Waiting for Sugar

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

Things have reached a point for Saga where Sugar’s closer to her than anyone else. What about when Sugar becomes a full-fledged Season Fairy? Does she return home, or remain in Mulenburg (and neighboring cities), alongside Salt, Pepper, Ginger, and Turmeric? Initially it appeared Ginger was just passing though while going from one town to another, but she’s been in Mulenburg for some time now.

If Sugar will continue to live with Saga after becoming a full-fledged Season Fairy, that puts me back to wondering how fairy years correlate with human years. If Saga is two “years” older than Sugar, will that still be the case after ten human years have passed? Or does Sugar age at a different rate from humans, due to being a fairy? I wonder this as I’m still waiting to learn if Saga’s mother could see Season Fairies, and if she knew Sugar’s mother. It’s no doubt Sugar’s mother’s snow kept young Saga warm and safe, but did Ingrid find Saga on her own, or was she led to her?

I believe the name of the man from the tower hadn’t been spoken prior. So, Mr. Henry it is. Poor guy, having a typhoon ruin his vacation. Maybe next year he’ll plan a trip for earlier, before typhoon season moves in. It has to be a good deal of work for Season Fairies to set up the weather conditions, which humans are able to use to predict upcoming weather, then having to follow through with that weather. What would happen if all the Season Fairies went on vacation for a week, all at the same time? Would all weather stop for a week? Maybe I’m thinking too deeply here. Gotta’ sit back and enjoy the series a little more.

Whether preparing for competition, or just verbally showing off, Greta is as confident as ever. Yet, she is surprised to actually win a match. No matter how much Greta likes to brag and show off, I cannot imagine her always losing, then talking about how she is great at winning. Past challenges with Saga have always been interupted or ended in a draw after Sugar appeared. Could the two peer be equally matched, keeping Greta from racking up any wins while not collecting loses, either?

Salt’s home and Magic Flower still have yet to be shown. There must be an upcoming episode about this, which might coincide Salt with visiting Turmeric to learn more about what it’s like to be a Cloud Fairy. The potential for Salt switching from a Sun Fairy to a Cloud Fairy only brings up more questions. What would happen to Salt’s Magic Flower if he started anew learning to control clouds? Would he have to switch instruments, and learn a new one from scratch? Where do Season Fairies get their instruments? How were there seasons, rain, and wind before the Season Fairies came up with magical instruments? Oops, thinking a little too deep into it here.

The cute scene this episode goes to none other than Greta, after realizing she actually won a match. Second place would be Sugar feeding Saga the spoonful of soup.

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