This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

The Beginning and the End, or “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

The Final Messenger

If Rei is questioning her being, does this mean her soul has carried on into this new body?

Why was the lance an obstacle? Just what were Gendo and Yui after?

Kowaru felt like an avatar for the series viewer. He stepped in, he lifted Shinji up, he gave Shinji the answers, even if they were unclear. Kowaru is an Angel, born from Adam. Kowaru is an Angel, the same as the other Angels. Kowaru is the same as Rei. Rei is born from Adam. Rei and Kowaru are different from humans. Rei was able to kill Ritsuko’s mother, even as a small child. Kowaru is like Rei is like the Evangelion is like the Angels. He has decided it is not his place to live. Life and existence is for the humans.

If Kowaru was created on the day of Second Impact, was he a creation of Gendo and Yui? Was he the embryo seen in an earlier episode? Is he the way he is because of data the prior Angels gathered?

If Kowaru is an Angel, is Rei an Angel? Was she always an Angel? Are the Angels clones, creations, like the Evangelion? Did Seele create the Evangelion and the Angels, to follow the Dead Sea Scrolls? Did they pen the scrolls themselves? Has Kowaru always been human-like, or is he the product of research gathered by every Angel before him, leading up to the Angels which entered Asuka and Rei? Does Kowaru know memories belonging to Asuka and Rei? And Shinji? Or is he a completely separate entity? How can he express such feelings for Shinji?

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