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Back when I was incomeless and therefore unable to buy new DVDs very often, I spent a lot of time with Saint Tail. One of the things I noticed was that Meimi wore outfits in later episodes which she had worn in earlier episodes. In many series, a character always wears the same outfit or never wears the same thing twice (save for their school or work uniform). I decided I’d catalogue the outfits worn, but I never got too far with it. I still have the work done towards is, but the process I used was simply too time consuming.

I’ve actually incorporated the basic idea into posts for The Pinky Sylphide, but they’ve been sitting in draft form as I haven’t been able to come up with anything to write about the outfits being posted. I suppose I could just post many screenshots of an outfit and say, “This is what the pizza delivery man wears while fishing,” and be done with it, but I’d like to improve my writing, so I want to add words. If I can’t come up with any words worth my own reading later, then there’s no point at all.

While looking over DVD covers and manga covers for Cardcaptor Sakura, I found myself repeatedly thinking, “When did Sakura wear this costume?” and “Did she actually wear a costume like this?” Since I’m spending a lot of time on Cardcaptor Sakura for other purposes, I thought, “Why not try cataloguing her Cardcaptor outfits?” I figure the worst I can do is find I’m saying the same things about her outfits again and again by episode 12, and drop the idea completely.

This type of post is similar to the episode commentary posts in that the content isn’t higher grade reading material. On top of that, it’s generally not going to be thought provoking. It won’t make for a topic of conversation at the watercooler. The plan is to make something similar to the “recent episode commentaries” on the main page, but perhaps instead have a box with “Latest wallpaper, latest apparel, latest something else minor but somewhat common.”

I’m not sure when I’ll have the first apparel post ready, or how often I’ll post them.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to see an artwork of Sakura which leaves me wondering which episode it was worn in, and I’ll be able to run a search on The Pink Sylphide for “sakura blue jester hat”, knowing seventy episodes and two movies worth of outfits will be searched (not to mention all the non-apparel posts), leading me to the episode in question.

Seventy episodes and two movies. Man, that’s a lot.

I do plan to do posts on random outfits from various other series, of course.

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