This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Weaving a Story 2: oral stage

Form of the Mind, Form of the Man

The failure of ten years ago, Shinji’s mother. Did Shinji’s mother lose herself into Eva Unit 01? This would explain Eva Unit 01 saving Shinji in the beginning. This would explain Eva Unit 01’s actions to protect Shinji, and the ultimate rejection of Rei as a pilot.

At this point, all I’m interested in seeing is how Shinji will cope with what’s happened. The next episode preview looks like it’ll be an info dump (although hopefully a well done one) on the reason for Nerv, perhaps the true nature of Nerv, and Adam. It’s possible Shinji won’t have much of a presence in the next episode.

When Shinji had fallen into the “shadow”, I thought maybe Asuka was covering up for a feeling of guilt over the loss of Shinji. I’m not certain anymore. She seems to care more about being the best at what she does, rather than caring about the well being of those around her. Rei was able to experience Shinji’s caring side firsthand, when he, like his father, pulled open the doorway to the plug, to ensure Rei was safe. It wasn’t as personal an act for Asuka when Shinji’s controlled his Eva to save her in her Eva.

Gendo chose the name of Rei for his child if his child were to be a girl. Does Rei have parents? Or is she a creation of science? Does Rei have a soul, or does she simply exist as a soul for Unit 00?

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