This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Those Women Longed For the Touch of others’ Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses

Lies and Silence

This series knows how to expand on its characters, but still grab onto the story by an episode’s end.

Asuka’s kiss scene is mysterious. Was the kiss seriously because she was bored, or was she interested in seeing what a kiss was like? And Rei’s been absent due to spending time with Gendo. The machine over her, the closeness she was with Gendo, her general uncertainty of who she really is, and Shinji’s line about her motherliness, I wonder if she has her own personality, or if she’s gained something from Shinji’s mother through the machine seen over her.

As it turns out, Adam is the first Angel. What are the plans for Adam? What is Nerv hoping to achieve? How much does Ritsuko? What does Kaji know, and how much will he reveal to Misato?

Most importantly, why did the penguin act so casually upon seeing the kiss? I thought for sure he’d get bug-eyed, then go see an eye doctor to ensure he wasn’t seeing things.

Shinji has acknowledged that he does what he’s told to so, and doesn’t do what he isn’t told to do. This raises two questions: Will acknowledging the way he is lead him to changing? And if it leads to a change, will it be done solo, or with the help of a friend to cheer him on and be by his side?

Another thing I’ve been wondering for a while is why Shinji and Asuka live together, but not Rei. Is it because Rei already has a home? There’s obviously something special about her.

The next episode preview doesn’t sound right when Misato reads off the title, “The Sickness Unto Death, and…”, followed by saying, “There’ll be more fan service next time!”

For a while, this series didn’t pull me in. Over time, I’ve found the defeat of the Angels and avoiding other disasters to be overdone. But, the more characters are seen, the more they interact with one another, react to one another, the more the series intrigues me, and the more I want to see.

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