This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Weaving a Story

Seele, Throne of Souls

What I’m gathering from this episode is that the Angel attacks are all prophesied in these Dead Sea Scroll obtained by Seele. Whether the Evangelion project is meant to hinder the Angels, or meant to find an Angel unbeatable, is indeterminable. The purpose of Adam and its preparations are indeterminable. Could Nerv’s actual plan be to wipe out the human race and replace it with a new kind of human, born from Adam?

Ritsuko says Eva 00 was trying to kill her, not Rei. If Rei’s personality is remembered within the Eva 00, does this Rei somewhere inside has feelings against Ritsuko? Or is the Evangelion trying to protect Rei from Ritsuko? Why would it act on its own with a different pilot, and not when Rei is inside? Eva 00 and Eva 01 seem to have different personalities. Is Eva 01 more laid back, perfectly fine to take on Rei as a pilot?

Rei likens herself as her Evangelion’s soul. When she’s in Eva 01, she notices the sent of Shinji. Shinji notices the same of Rei in Eva 00. Is piloting another’s Evangelion similar to putting your soul into the Evangelion’s pilot’s body, in how you perceive it? How does it differ from being in the pilot’s seat, and being a passenger, such as when the two classmates were with Shinji, or when Shinji co-piloted with Asuka?

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