This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Lilliputian Hitcher

Angel Invasion

What I’ve gathered from this episode is that the Evangelion are robots with the personality of the user transferred through them, and the berserk mode Shinji’s Evangelion went through early on was due to the trauma Shinji experienced. This doesn’t exactly explain why the suit saved him in the beginning, unless Shinji’s on some manner of wavelength that was able to extend to the suit. Gendo says 01 is the important one, so maybe there’s something special to it.

I applaud an episode focused on the team who keep Nerv going day in and day out, and especially giving Ritsuko her own exposition, and an explanation of the three Magi episodes. The downside is yet another “last second” saving the day. Misato had one with the control rods as well. How many more episodes will put the characters in danger only for the very last second to be the move that wins the game for the good guys?

Gendo mentions Adam again. Is Adam human or Angel? Is it alive? If it’s alive, why hasn’t it progressed in growth? Do Angels needs any manner of outside nutrients to grow? Or are they in an “egg” of sorts which gives them the nutrients to grow? If they Angels come from eggs, shouldn’t they battle on layers? Well, maybe not.

Further thoughts on the Angels: Are they one species, or many? Are they natural or artificial? Are they computers with Magi-like intelligence within? What does Gendo know about the Angels? Does he have information he isn’t revealing? What about Ritsuko’s mother, and her involvement with transferring ones personality into a computer? Did she die before, during, or after Second Impact? Did she know anything about the Angels? Who knew what of the Angels leading up to Second Impact?

One moment I’m glad to see more focus on characters now that the story’s been set out, and now I’m looking for more information about the story. Still, with the series halfway through, I hope the characters continue to get a decent amount of screen time away from testing and battling, while the story continues to move along.

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