This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

She said, “Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred.”

The Value of a Miracle

One of this things I don’t care for in this series is the always looming danger. At any given moment, Nerv can be attacked, the Evas can be destroyed, and mankind can be wiped from the Earth. Even when there’s a scene with Touji and Kensuke casually talking to Shinji about Shinji and Asuka in relation to Misato, the very next scene is inside the Evas, ready for testing.

This isn’t a criticism of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but rather a look into my own views of what I want to see in a series. It’s one reason I like slice-of-life series, as there’s no impending doom, no great danger, no lives ready to be lost at the drop of a hat. I think Asuka’s outgoing nature really helps in these kinds of times in the series. Rei can be downright depression, but Asuka always has a remark, and is always hyper, both in training and at home.

The talk between Gendo and his second-in-command make it sound as if the Second Impact was something mankind had coming to it. Was it the science of mankind that created the Angels? And why is it Second Impact, anyway?

Shinji finally gets the praise he’s been unknowingly waiting for. His father’s words. His father’s notice. His father’s recognition. No other praise matters. His father sounds a lot like Misato’s, but the difference for Shinji is that his father has praised him for the work he’s done.

Misato says the only miracles worthwhile are those you make yourself. Quite true. And Nerv is making miracles with the Evas with every Angel attack.

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