This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Rei II

Decisive Battle, New Tokyo-3

With everything going on, I had difficulty following the first half of the episode. I’m just not used to everything moving so fast, scenes flying by, and dialogue jumping all over the place.

It’s difficult to tell where this series is trying to go. My best guess is mankind’s confrontation against an overpowering, alien aggressor, something able to regenerate its warriors, and intelligent enough to aim right for the heart of operations in Japan. This will become more understanding as future episodes tell more about the nature and origin of the Angels.

The directions for characters is what I’m looking for. Like the aliens in this story, the characters are very much mysteries. Rei has seen a side of Shinji like that of his father, and Shinji has taken the first step to change Rei’s lone outlook on her life. Stil, the focus remains on their mission, on what they must do, and not on who they are. There was a prior episode with Misato and Shinji as Shinji moved in to Misato’s apartment, so perhaps danger will subside just long enough to give a little more non-action screentime for Rei and Shinji.

Plot is important, but well developed characters are what I look for most in a story.

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