This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Transfer

The Silent Phone

The episode title on the menu screen for the DVD is “A Transfer”, but the episode title card gives “The Silent Phone”. The prior episode was “The Beast” on the menu, and “Unfamiliar Ceiling” in the episode. I’ve been using the titles given in the episodes, but I wonder what the menu titles are. Were these the titles given in the dub? So far, I’ve only been watching episodes in Japanese. I may re-watch an episode I like, if there will be one, in English, to hear the dubbing’s quality.

I thought the lowering/raising of the buildings seemed a bit strange, but now I can see their use. By lowering the buildings, everyone inside has a chance at remaining safe. Unless, of course, someone takes a video camera and heads above ground as alien number four appears.

The “fifteen year break” between aliens means either two aliens attacked 15 years prior, or one attacked 15 years prior, then two recently. It’s still unknown what lead to Rei’s current state, but considering the military went all out against the previous Angel, it suggests the first two were both met back after the Antarctic landing. Also, it was interesting that there’d be a hint about the lack of seasons followed later in the episode by an explanation of the ice cap melting in the same episode, rather than spacing them out a little. I’m not sure I’m convinced that melting the southern ice cap would alter the Earth’s orbit any, but I’ll accept it for the sake of the story.

Shinji’s lack of personality is turning out to strongly be his personality. As Ritsuko said, he simply does what he’s told. His actions in battle betray his shown personality, though. Will he go berserk himself to win against each Angel?

The two classmates who go upside are listed as being born in 2001, putting them at age 14. I’m not sure why Touji is listed as 12/16 as his birthday in Japanese, then 7/28 in English just below it, though. At any rate, this puts Shinji also about age 14, and having also been born to this “new world” of no seasons, never knowing anything other than a summer day.

Touji makes for an understandable bully, and it’s interesting to see his reaction a few days after the events transpired with him and Kensuke topside, during the battle. He genuinely wants to ensure the well being of Shinji, but doing so doesn’t follow his character, the type of person he is, so he struggles with it. Kensuke, on the other hand, is very forward about everything. He does his own thing, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Whether it’s playing with a toy model before class, or planning on going topside to see an alien, he’s upfront about it.

Finally, Misato’s shown her ability as a captain, as expected. While she hasn’t been shown to be so serious up until now, her actions outside of work are understandable considering the actions and responsibilities she must take on at work.

The series is holding my attention, but I much prefer the cute aliens and the defence force trio in Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan.

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