This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 25 Commentary

Acceptance Announcement! Flower Blossom on the Hill of Hearts?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

Kamichika won’t let that charm be lost. It could be a symbol of his attempts to get into Yasaka Oogi, so that Kayano will see him as worthy of her. Jamanana pretty much confirms that Kamichika doesn’t know it was Nana in the Billy costume, after all. The dub kind of misses the mark, though, as Jamanana tells Kamichika that it was Nana in the costume.

Nice cover up by Grandpa, after slipping that he knows about Kamichika by Nana. If only Kamichika knew all about the past year, and what role he played in things…

Everything must fall into place for Kayano pretty quickly after seeing the photo. All this time Yuichi’s goal had been to be with Kayano, so he didn’t notice Nana.

More of Jamanana’s true self shows. It must be hard on her to see Nana always so wrapped up in studying. Either be together with Kamichika, or be happy without him. Nana doesn’t seem to be taking either path, much to Jamanana’s dismay.

Once again, I would really like to know what’s going through Kamichika’s mind. Hitomi said he doesn’t know Nana’s feelings. Nana turns out to be Blue Seven after all, as well as there being another Nana. Nana’s grandfather says everything is up to Nana’s feelings. And finally, even Kayano is telling him to think about Nana’s feelings.

On the day of the exam, Kamichika doesn’t even notice Kayano walk by.

The final trial for Nana isn’t the upcoming exam. She has to deal with losing her six closest friends. That can’t be easy.

Kamichika continues waiting, waiting for Nana. He’s obviously done some thinking. If only the viewer could have seen something of that…

During Nana’s final conversation with the other Nanas, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Nanacchi not smiling (save for when Kamichika confessed his feelings to Kayano, and what followed from there).

So, the prism shatters, the cherry tree returns to normal, and Nana is ready for the exams.

I wouldn’t mind having an outfit like Mr. Handa’s at the graduation ceremony. It’s very nice.

Haa-chan starts her training as a maiko, something she’ll surely be good at. Mo-chan going into nursing school is rather unexpected. What could her first choice school have been before giving it up? I’m sure Ko-chan will do fine as a voice actor, although I do wish her English voice wasn’t so…I’m not sure what word I’m looking for here.

I’m not sure what the part with Hitomi about the button from Mr. Maruoka’s coat was about.

Nana ends up in the same school as Hitomi. It’s probably for the best, as Yasaka Oogi would have been a lot of hard work to maintain enrollment in. Nana will still be learning and studying, but she can take things a little easier compared to being in Yasaka Oogi, and she’ll have Hitomi with her each day.

If Kamichika didn’t make it into Yasaka Oogi, but did make it into Hitomi’s choice school, then what does this mean? Was this school coincidentally a secondary choice, or did he choose it because Nana had it as a secondary, having also failed to get into Yasaka Oogi?

At last, Kamichika tells how he finally put things together. And with not a moment to spare, with the episode, and the series, drawing near an end.

The look on Kamichika’s face upon seeing the other Nanas is priceless. They could have at least given Nana a chance to prep him for it. Too bad the others messed up Nana’s confession. Some people were waiting 25 episodes for this, ya’ know?

I was very much ready for the seven Nanas to become one, and Nana seemed ready for it, but I do admit that seeing the reactions of the trio and others to see seven Nanas walk by is worth it.

The ending came as a complete opposite of what I expected. The same is true for the manga version of the story (which I didn’t care for one bit, but did find it had a nice ending). I expected them to handle the ending one way, only to find the ending completely the opposite. That Nana was well prepared for the ending given in that story, however.

If Nana remained without the other Nanas, the ending probably would leave me feeling a bit empty inside as well. Nana still needs her other selves around to have a good time. The viewer is still left alone now, save for the bonus episode. As I write this, I’m undecided as to whether I’ll write up a commentary on the bonus episode, as it’s just a nonsense episode based on one of the comic chapters, and I’m certain it was made simply because the people behind the anime and comic wanted to do some things in the anime that they weren’t allowed to put on television. This I know made for a much better series than if they could have gone all-out with the anime, as evidenced by looking at the manga.

I’ll miss the Nanas, Hitomi, and everyone else. Especially Mutsumi. But if I ever want to spend time with them again, all I need is a good consecutive 10 hours to watch through the whole series. Since I’ve watched it in Japanese and English, then a year later in Japanese, maybe in another year I’ll put a Saturday into watching the whole series through in one go in English.

Good-bye, Nana and friends! Until next time…

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