This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 26 Commentary

To the Me Who Will Eventually Be An Adult

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

I still cannot get used to Fredrick’s English voice.

Cube finally gets to visit the castle without being an intruder. He really does care for Yucie. I had a feeling he’d be the one to mention the other candidates.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like for Yucie to go through town, with incomplete memories of the recent times in her life. Are there holes in her memories, or were false ones used to fill in these gaps?

Understanding how Yucie has felt to be unable to do anything is the final necessary experience for Arc. Being unable to do anything, but still able to help out in some way in the end means Arc can understand Yucie much more closely.

It would have been nice to see how the other stewards were coping with what happened, if they even knew before joining in to help. I do realize it would have been unnecessary filler taking time in the episode. If nothing else, it’s good to see the demon king’s super-serious side.

With the final Crystal Flower, the Eternal Tiara becomes whole again, answering my inquiries about a sixth piece. I question the aesthetics of a piece of platinum square between ones eyes, unless it’s trying to act as protective armor.

Yucie and her friends get their happy ending, but for Maga Selent and her world, theirs is a bittersweet ending, set up one thousand years prior. Some things simply cannot be saved or recovered from.

In the still image after the other girls return, Cocoloo appears as she did in Nicolay’s painting, and even Elmina is full of bright cheerfulness.

In Yucie’s dream, has Cube gotten taller finally? Or is he standing on something so he can see? It’s nice to see a different outfit for Belbel. Now if only Cube had some variety, and perhaps Mr. Gaga as well.

I’m always amazed by how much story, plot, characterization, development, events, triumphs and defeats, changes, revelations, and good, pure enjoyment can be worked into ten hours. Things started out a little light, but over time Yucie and her friends become the closest group of girls, let alone friends, I’ve even seen in an anime, and probably the closest I’ve seen in any story. The dynamics between each of them are a good fit, and well executed.

This is a series I’ll definitely watch again one day, probably over the span of two days of weekend. That should be an interesting experience compared with watching it over the span of a month.

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  1. becky Says:

    I love Petite Princess Yucie, but the ending is not good to me … It’s not that romantic about Arc and Yucie… OMG Yucie and Arc is such a good couple, I love them!!!