This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 24 Commentary

The Day Before the Exam! The Last Battle, Nana VS Nana?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

The petals from the cherry tree are beginning to fall. Jamanana must know her time is almost at an end.

Nana never takes a good photo when she’s posing. Even her recent photos: the Bon festival, with her parents at the house, and her exam card photo. But she gets to be Examinee 623. Maybe fate’s telling her to aim for Mutsumi instead of Kamichika! (Hey, I’d support that.)

I love how Nana just runs in and takes her prism, paying no attention to Grandpa and the other Nanas.

Poor Kayano, she’s very much the opposite of Nana. She has no one she can depend on. She probably turns everyone away. It can’t be easy on her having to give up what she loves (her art) to follow in her family’s footsteps.

When Kayano asked if Blue Seven is Nana, I’d love to know what Kamichika thought at that moment. After all, he thought for a moment in San Francisco that Nana was Blue Seven.

Upon recalling what Hitomi said about Kamichika not knowing Nana’s feelings, he looks at the Billy keychain he (apparently) keeps with him in his pocket. Does he know it was Nana in that Billy costume?

The other Nanas are finally seen doing chores around the house. Well, except for the sleeping Nanakko, of course. Maybe they’ll clean up the house a bit before they all become one again. How lonely a time that will be for Nana, to be just her and her grandfather again, in that large house. Her room will seem seven times bigger. This especially is visible in everything the Nanas are doing with chores and preparing a meal.

Has Kamichika noticed yet that Blue Seven is often apart from the other six Sevens? At one point, Blue Seven is talking with Kayano. Later all the Seven except for Blue Seven are with him.

It’s hard to dislike Kayano after what Jamanana’s put her through and continues to put her through, especially when Kayano seems quite ready to be friends with Nana.

Seeing the snow fall reminds me that it began falling last episode. The Christmas snowfall must have been a minor one, leading to some days or weeks without snow.

Nana starts her final review, and the Seven Rangers prepare for their final battle. I always enjoy such contrasting scenes put together like this.

Someone was sleeping on the job. After Green Seven picks up her prism, her glove is white instead of green. And no one noticed?

To add to the contrasting scenes, as Jamanana prepares to finish everything, Mutsumi on the radio talks about how the exams are coming up, meaning the end of all things leading up to it. However, I can’t not feel Mutsumi is talking to the viewing audience, preparing for the final episode.

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