This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 25 Commentary

Final Scene! Princess Selection

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

“I bet I can take over the world even if I’m not an adult. If not, my Mom will.” Glenda’s words sum up all the candidates’ views about the wish they knew Yucie planned. Prince Arrow’s life meant more than anything they would wish for. The only exception would be Beth, but her father and her world are now safe, Arrow in harm and his life in danger for it.

I never gave any thought to the tiara’s light Yucie had seen back in episode one. Guess I need more observation work.

So, the curse on the girls keeping then young is finally revealed. Where’s Mr. Gaga? Does he really not remember something about this from 1,000 years ago? Were the candidates back then all princesses, or just common girls?

Maga Selent says the magic world fell to the power of the tiara. Why does the tiara only have a jewel for each of the other five worlds? Was there once a sixth piece to the tiara?

Even using her strongest magic, Glenda’s powers were nothing against Maga Selent. Perhaps Selent was a resident of the magic world. If she were a candidate, and became the princess, would she continue to live on as a ten year old, even after 1,017 years of life? Selent does wear the same kind of outfit Yucie and the other candidates wore for the Final Scene.

The entire series up to this point keeps the viewer very unaware of the fate to come for Yucie, and the scene where the girls say their final goodbyes is very well played out. Everything the girls have been through, the rivalries between Yucie and Glenda, the close friendship of Yucie and Cocoloo, Elmina and Glenda’s interactions, the late-night talk and pillow fight at the beach, earning Beth’s trust, and the final battle to save the fairy world… All they’ve been through has created a strong bond of such close friends, and now Yucie has to watch all of them vanish? A cruel fate, indeed. Even more cruel is to take all of those memories from Yucie away from her.

If there is a Platinum Princess every 1,000 years, how many Platinum Princesses have there been? Was there ever a seventh world? More importantly, did the separate pieces of the Eternal Tiara in some way influence the events surrounding Gunbard and Princess Ercell so to set Gunbard on a quest only he could complete, driven by his love for Ercell, to gather the fragments of the tiara?

Furthermore, where did Yucie come from? Did she descend from the sky as it appears, or was that the light from the tiara falling upon a Yucie already on the forest floor? The light looked more like an object, whereas the other babies were met with a thin, unbroken light.

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