This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Janggeum’s Dream: Episode 26 Commentary

The Final Competition

Collage of Janggeum's Dream screenshots.

The bonus material on this DVD shows both Korean and Japanese (and maybe also Chinese) posters for Janggeum’s Dream. There’s also a lot of Di Gi Charat posters, which makes me wonder if the animators for Janggeum’s Dream also animate one or more Di Gi Charat series.

Everything is wrapped nice nicely without going over the top. Janggeum took everything she learned during her travels, making a dish tailored to the individuals. She took what she heard about the king’s health, and what she observed during the contest, and made just the right combinations. Because she used the most common items, foods available even during times of famine, she is able to show what kind of meal can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their social status.

Eternally the good person, Jungjong allows Suro and Dongi to watch and root on Janggeum. Too bad for them, Janggeum lets Jeong-ho keep the ring. Jeong-ho is a soft-spoken warrior who’s saved Janggeum’s life more than once, and Janggeum’s a thoughtful, devoted person, aiming high with her dreams, and touching the lives of those she meets, impacting them in strong ways. He may admire Janggeum, but with Jeong-ho’s quiet nature, and his general separation from the rest of the group most of the time (even when traveling alongside them), he and Janggeum can’t have gotten to know one another very well. No matter, though. Janggeum will be in the palace for a while yet, so they have plenty of time.

In the competition, Geum-young put a focus on the king and queen. Janggeum put a focus on all five equally, and individually. There’s a lot more for Geum-young to learn. Furthermore, her intention was to win against Janggeum. Just as Han told Janggeum not to worry about winning or losing, Janggeum’s purpose was to make a meal for the judges, not to win. Hopefully Geum-young will lighten up a little, and learn more from Janggeum about what really counts. They have a long way to go together, starting back at the Japanese apricot stage. I don’t imagine Yeong-ro ever thought she’d see the day where she was a level above Geum-young.

There was never really any resolve between Yeong-ro and Yeongsaeng. This is good, as it shows that life goes on. The two will continue to get on each others’ nerves, but hopefully Janggeum and Geum-young can become close friends, and learn from one another. This could lead to Yeonsaeng and Changi becoming friends with Geum-young, and maybe even Yeong-ro becoming friends with Janggeum. As for Yeong-ro being friends with Yeonsaeng and Changi, I’ll stay away from asking for miracles.

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