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Janggeum’s Dream: Episode 25 Commentary

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Even though she felt pressured into it, Yeong-ro finally did the right thing. As for Geum-young (whose name is properly spelled Geumyeong in the English subtitles this episode), she’s finally learned to stand up for what she believes in, to do what she wants to do rather than what her aunt tells her to do. The remaining question is, what happens to Choe when her plot is revealed? She never did make a deal with the assassins as I had feared she may do earlier on, but she did deal with some ruffians who probably wouldn’t have minded inflicting pain on Janggeum and Changi if it meant keeping them from escaping.

Suro spraining his ankle has to have some reason for the next episode. Tayo’s gotten a good number of roles, as well as Mongmong over time (starting with his first attack on the assassins way back in episode two, and his ruining the dishes in episode one), while Danny’s simply been there. Yeonsaeng didn’t have a special role during the travels, but she was there as a best friend of Janggeum, and that’s what’s important. Nothing seems to have come of Janggeum’s dropped shoe, and Suro placing his on Janggeum’s foot, so I’m wondering if his sprained ankle will play a role in the final episode or not. Maybe I missed the point, which was for Dongi to get a hit in. Dongi was more eager than his usual “let’s avoid any confrontation whatsoever” self.

It does seem Jeong-ho has a place in his heart for Janggeum. Perhaps not the same as with Dongi and Suro, but he most certainly admires her strength and stamina. Now if only he could get around to returning her ring to her…

The flashbacks of Janggeum’s time in the palace, from when she first put on the Japanese apricot apron, up through her promotion, and banning, these were a good reminder of what she’s gone through. I had forgotten about the slicing test, so the reminder was appreciated. Naturally I would prefer less flashbacks and more content otherwise, especially since the flashbacks of the country journey were recent material, but the flashbacks did serve a purpose and fit into the episode nicely. They weren’t forced flashbacks, they were scenes relevant to the scenes where they took place.

Hopefully Suro isn’t two hard on the new soldiers. They didn’t know him and Dongi. Would Suro rather they let in everyone claiming to be a captain of the guards? That’s bad security, and he should know better.

Poor Yeonsaeng getting sick from nervousness. She did have a good part after staying behind, especially when Changi accused Yeong-ro, and Yeonsaeng acted as if she didn’t know Yeong-ro was innocent. Well played. She can read Yeong-ro like a book, knowing when Yeong-ro is hiding something. And have I mentioned how much I really like Yeonsaeng’s voice? It fits her perfectly. Were ADVFilms or another company to dub this series into English, they’d better find the perfect voice for her. Her voice alone would be a “make it for break it” when it comes to my watching an English dub of this series. This would certainly hold true for the Japanese dub if it weren’t way too expensive for me to buy.

I’m disappointed in Choe. Not in her kidnapping Janggeum (which is a disappointment in itself, but expected of her), but rather in her breaking her promise with Geum-young. She doesn’t believe Geum-young has a 100% chance of winning, and she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure no one usurps her future position as Head Sanggung.

So, Geum-young has finally done something for herself. She isn’t letting her aunt order her around, and control her life anymore. She’s decided to go with the most difficult theme, and I’m sure Janggeum will choose Heaven as well. I’m just happy because the Chinese characters for Human and Heaven are ones I know. They’re also super-simple ones, but that’s beside the point. The one for Earth is one I do not recognize.

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