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Kaaya and Ahmey Have Joined Your Party

Meskia, the City in the Tower

Collage of The Tower of Druaga screenshots.

The “brother” relation was clearly predictable with Jil wanting so much to accompany Neeba. Seeing that scene makes it easy to notice the similarities in their hair (color, maybe style a little). I kind of wish they hadn’t revealed it so soon afterwards, but it’s understandable for Fatina to question Neeba on it. If the series had any reason to hide the information, the scene with Neeba telling Fatina could have cut out right before the relation would be spoken.

Being Neeba’s brother, Jil probably went through training similar to what Neeba has, but not nearly on the same level, resulting in less training. Add a lack of experience onto that, and he’s a beginning able to hold his own in minor battles. He doesn’t talk up his ability, but he’ll speak his mind, and can withstand the consequences. Having a healer around doesn’t hurt, though.

Neeba has his own experienced army, and Jil’s starting his own. Kaaya, the oracle, is able to provide the healing, and Ahmey looks to be brute strength. Unfortunately, Kaaya is spacey, and Ahmey doesn’t look to be a thinker. Kaaya makes me think back to Subspace Emissary, when Fox is ready to fight against Sheik, but Peach instead hands him a cup of tea, then he looks over to see Sheik already sipping tea. I can see Kaaya stopping mid-battle to have a picnic if the day is nice enough for it. I’m wondering if Ahmey will ever speak in anything more than one-word replies, and grunts.

This series hasn’t captivated my interest yet, but this episode was a huge step in the right direction for me. How much will the comedy aspect that didn’t work for me remain, and how much of a serious series will this evolve into? With Jil now to be accused for the murder of King Gilgamesh, he’ll have to escape, but where to? Probably the tower.

Further, what will Neeba think when he puts two and two together and realizes Jil was the one who overheard the conversation about the assassins, leading up to his false accusation? And, what manner of training has Jil gone through? His armor was too heavy for the two men in the plaza to lift, and he was able to take quite a beating, even if it was injured greatly in the process.

The great thing about paying for a series one episode at a time is there’s less investment, making it easier to drop, compared with buying a box set. I’m going to give this series at least another two or three episodes to see what direction it takes. I’ll be more likely to continue with the series if it looks like a plot will develop, and if I find myself a favorite character. And as long as I’m putting money into this series, if would be nice if it could be used toward a discount in buying the series on DVD, in case there comes along a series I’d like to own at DVD quality with the option to watch without (or with) subtitles.

An observation, Kally is voiced by Akira Ishida. He voiced Yuichi and Mutsumi in Seven of Seven (and probably voices in many series I’ve never seen). The many-roles-played Yui Horie plays Fatina, but her voice is less recognizable for me, probably because her voice sounds different in every role I hear her in.

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