The Legend of Jil

When it comes to video games, I grew up on Super Mario Brothers. I grew up on The Legend of Zelda. Toss in a bit of Mega Man. Then, enter the console RPGs. Breath of Fire. Final Fantasy VI. Earthbound. Chrono Trigger. Breath of Fire II through IV, and Final Fantasy VII.

Neither of Gonzo’s series available on BOST TV interest me, but I want to support this streaming effort, so I figured, “Why not give The Tower of Druaga a look.

The streaming at BOST TV has never worked for me under the Flash plugin of the Opera browser on a Linux-based operating system, but downloading the stream’s worked just fine before. For this release, there are “iPod” and “PSP” downloads available (although it would be nice if they didn’t share the same filename).

The iPod file is low quality, at a 320×240 pixel resolution. The actual video area is 320×240, with a thin black bar on the top, and a tall black bar on the bottom, which gets the subtitles. The PSP file, on the other hand, is a nice 480×272 pixels, with subtitles embedded on the image. It’d be nice if those subtitles could be removed, for screenshot purposes, but oh well. I’m further hoping the “BOST” logo won’t show up on purchased episodes.

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