This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Jil the Hero, There and Back Again

The Great Tower of Druaga

Collage of The Tower of Druaga screenshots.

I knew going in that The Tower of Druaga would be a spoof of the gaming genre. While I’d love to see a serious series within this type of setting, that wouldn’t keep me from giving a series a chance.

The humor, however, hasn’t captivated me yet. I did like the battle of the bugs while Jil and Neeba fought, and when the princess said Jil probably wouldn’t return, I thought, “Thanks for having faith in his ability, Princess”.

The Crimson Knight: Black Knight was a chuckle for the contradiction in name, but it couldn’t compare with the knight who blocked the path of Monty Python’s King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (although I did enjoy Jil getting his name wrong every time).

Somehow, a comment on “sonic sword” being fine after Jil’s attack when “sonic arrow” was prior outdated was expected, but didn’t happen.

I wonder if the rest of the series will follow in spirit of the first episode, or if the first episode was over the top to attract attention while having it have been a dream means everything can become more solid (while still going for the same type of humor, perhaps) for the duration of the series.

Because Jil awoke and it was revealed that the episode was all a dream, I plan on checking out the next episode. Hopefully it’ll have more scenes I enjoy. The only scene which I really thought funny in this episode was when Jil punched Neeba in the stomach, leaving him behind with the pursuing enemies just down the stairs and advancing.

For me, this first episode was haphazard and pointless. If the second episode follows in the same path, I’ll focus more on my collection of DVDs waiting to be watched for this season.

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