This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 22 Commentary

Showdown! Nana and Kamichika! Interview for Early Acceptance?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

The eighth Nana has really worked on her prism powers. How long might it have taken for her to perfect vanishing and reappearing?

When Kamichika and Nana hear about the early acceptance, Kamichika looks like he’s about to start drooling at the thought. Literally. If he’s anything like Nana, he’s been studying hard with Yasaka Oogi as a clear goal, but he may be uncertain of his ability to pass the entrance exam.

Having six other Nanas around for practicing an interview is sure to give Nana an edge over Kamichika. Does Kamichika have any friends he can practice with? He’s been seen talking with fellow classmates, but it’s not known if he has any childhood friends other than Kayano, nor is it known if he has any close friends he can count on.

Unfortunately, after seeing how the first set of interview questions by the Nanas goes, I have to agree with the eighth, that it was no help. That doesn’t mean they won’t improve given time. It’s hard to tell whether the eighth wants to see Nana fail or succeed. It is interesting that the “useless” Nana claims to be the only useful Nana.

It seems only Nana and Grandpa know the true self of the new Nana.

The trio have returned to their usual selves. Nana probably apologized for the way “she” acted to them in the prior episode. Even if it is the trio, this just adds to the list of people Nana can count on to help her out on her preparations for the interviews, as well as other ordeals she may face in normal life.

Never mind that the trio’s questions have nothing to do with interviewing for a school.

The eighth’s intention is for Nana to get into Yasaka Oogi. At the moment she appears to be supporting Nana, although at the same time she’s further fracturing Nana’s friendships.

The Nanas refer to the eighth as “Jamanana”. “Jama” means bothersome, meddling, or obstructing.

Jamanana seems to have a close connection with Nana, knowing Nana cannot answer the “most difficult” question Mr. Handa said to prepare for if Kamichika is there by her side.

No matter how much Kamichika wants to get into Yasaka Oogi and prove himself to Kayano, he’s not going to take any tricky chances, such as hurrying on while seeing Nana go the wrong way. Whadda’ nice guy! Either Jamanana is trying to keep him from the interview, or is stalling until Nana’s portion, and that last question, are over. With Nana taking the train and Kamichika his bike, it wouldn’t be unexpected for Nana to arrive some while before Kamichika.

Having mastered the power of her black prism, Jamanana gets her own magical girl transformation. The others might be impressed if she wasn’t standing in their way at the moment.

The other Nanas are understanding when Jamanana reveals her intentions to stall, not stop, Kamichika. Of course, had they known about this in advance, there’s no way they would have agreed to stalling Kamichika, so from Jamanana’s view, the all of her actions are completely justified.

The trio really is great. After the way Jamanana continued to treat them, they still have to congratulate Nana on her early acceptance.

Nana’s on her way into Yasaka Oogi, Kamichika lied on the final question, and Jamanana views Kayano as her next target. Jamanana is putting everything she has into helping Nana get into Yasaka Oogi, and to be with Kamichika. She’s trying to put everything together for Nana for when she’s by herself soon. She appears to be the deceitful Nana, the Nana not portrayed in any of the other Nanas. Be careful, Miss Kayano.

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