Slow Times

I’ve been trying to keep up one really worthwhile or useful (at least for my own use) post every Monday, but that seems to not be working out. Is four to five posts that difficult? I actually have a handful of posts “almost ready”, but have minor parts of them that take more work than it seems they should to finish up.

To add to that, my cache of episode commentaries scheduled to post is running low, and whenever I go to add more, my host, DreamHost starts out fast for about 30 seconds, then gets slower and slower until I can’t even load any pages. Makes posting more difficult than it should be. That’s also why I partially moved things around on the site layout, but didn’t finish — DreamHost became too slow to continue.

The upgrade to WordPress 2.5 went mostly smoothly, except that when I add more than one Custom Field to a post, the newest Custom Field seems to overwrite the prior. This could be because it takes about 30 seconds to add a custom field due to DreamHost’s slowness, but in all I had to have spent an extra half-hour just waiting for things to happen to get four posts in.

Life isn’t all complaints, though. I finally reached watching the final episode of Strawberry Marshmallow, and will restart posting episode commentaries for that series if DreamHost actually lets me post more than one before essentially going down. I’m thinking posting them every Wednesday starting mid-May.

By October, The Pink Sylphide will have transitioned to a new host, after I’ve assess this new host’s reliability. They limit the number of customers they put on a machine, so that should go far to avoid many of DreamHost’s problems.

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